Carmen Jordá: Women fight for the same opportunities, whether we have a partner or not

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4 April 2019


Carmen Jordá: Women fight for the same opportunities, whether we have a partner or not

The pilot confesses that competing against men forces her to “break stereotypes”, although she is optimistic with the change: “I hope that in 10 years there will be no debate about equality”.


Pilot Carmen Jordá, at the gates of the Lázaro Galdiano Museum, where she participated in a BMW event. Photo by Ale Megale.


Although the Spanish driver Carmen Jordá (Alcoy, Alicante, May 28, 1988) already competed with 10 years, it was “not easy” to explain to her family that this furor over motorsport in which she had been raised from the cradle was in serious to the point of being a professional at the wheel. The current member of the Commission for Women and Motor Sport of the FIA , an organization that promotes female participation in a traditionally male world, acknowledges that except her father, the pilot José Miguel Jordá , the rest of the clan did not take it so well. . “I would not say that is macho , but it is a sport in which men predominate and, obviously, my father was the greatest support and example, but my sister did not like my decision. ”

Nothing has to do with the current moment and the visibility of the woman with that then, recognizes. Not just in sports, with big names like Mireia Belmonte, Carolina Marín or Joana Pastrana. “The woman is acquiring an important role in the whole society, her mission is not conceived as it was 20 years ago, when the normal thing was to be a housewife and a mother, now the girls fight for other things, and this does not mean that We want to be above them, but we believe in the same opportunities: nothing else, we want to be independent and make our life, in parallel, we can have a partner or not , and that person with whom we decide to share our life is dedicated to what to be”.

Carmen Jordá in 2010, at the Indy Car Challenge held in the United States.


“I like to be an example for girls”


It is considered a reference and so he perceives it in the contact with his fans, both in social networks -accumulate more than 231,000 followers in his Instagram account- and face to face. “In my sport we fight against men and that is not easy because you have to break many stereotypes and barriers, I hope we do not have to talk about equality in a decade”. He gives the example of tennis, with the former player Billie Jean King and The Battle of the Sexes : “If today we have a Serena Williams or, to put it another way, a champion like Garbiñe Muguruza in part it’s because she was a pioneer in saying, ‘Why can not we compete?’ Fortunately, everything is changing and even men support us and that is very positive for society. It’s about continuing in the same direction. ”

Not in vain, she is delighted with the illuminated eyes of the girls who are going to see her at the circuit. “I like that those little ones see me as an example because the same thing happened to me when I went to karting , I saw the runners and I imagined myself being like them, and that there were not as many as now”.


Fashion lover



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“Running through life with style” is the headline of his biography. He is aware that the image has opened doors but it has also cost him to take him seriously. Being one of the few girls dedicated to motorsport, from a very young one of its first sponsors was Pepe Jeans. He does not deny his role as a model, despite the fact that he has always been criticized. “You know what you want, you go for it and over time proves your worth, for the rest to say what you want, I do not care much what you think, I like fashion and I do not hide, just the opposite. Part of our job is to represent brands that reflect your values. ”

However, your priority will always be to drive. “For me it is everything, you feel you have control of your life and there is no emotion similar to driving .”


Follow the Tracy Anderson Method



Boxing, yoga, Pilates … The training is part of the daily routine of Carmen Jordá , who discovered the Tracy Anderson method four months ago and says she has been hooked. “You feel the benefits from the first week and you define the body by compensating for cardio and strength with the heat, so it’s ideal for women .” Try everything because you love to experiment. “I take my breaks, especially when you live in a suitcase constantly.”

Each day is different, but try to recharge your energy “by eating healthy and resting enough hours”. He worries about pollution . “Lately I drive electric cars, when you get on the plane and look down on that beret that covers Madrid, you think we should all be more aware of the problem.”


Beauty tips



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Do not skip the routine of cleaning , applying cream daily and also gives relaxing treatments, with massages to avoid contractures derived from physical activity. “It’s my way of achieving balance .”

Participate in PassionTech / BMW Days, a debate that takes place this Friday and Saturday in Madrid, to which the public can attend, and where she stars in a conversation about the limits between technology and passion. In addition, she is immersed in other sports projects that she wants to announce very soon, after having been involved in the W Series , a new women’s international single-seater championship. “I have many dreams to fulfill”.