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HollywoodLife Fitness & Health Awards — Best Workouts & Trainers

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28 February 2019


HollywoodLife Fitness & Health Awards — Best Workouts & Trainers


After revealing the best diets, snacks and gym bag essentials, we’re moving onto the best workouts and our fave trainers to follow on social media! See our fave, celeb-approved fitness classes right here.


Working out is great for your mind, body and soul. It’s not just about burning calories, it’s also about those feel-good hormones and endorphins that breaking a sweat delivers! We’ve been working with celebs and their trainers for years, and this list has the best of the best! Be sure to also check out our top picks for the best diets and snacks plus our favorite gym bag essentials!




The Tracy Anderson Method


Body By Simone

Celebs like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Aniston have all taken Body By Simone classes. Our editors are obsessed, too. “Body by Simone is a workout that’s not only fun and confidence-boosting, but effective,” says‘s On-Air Reporter Ali Stagnitta.“Created by Simone De La Rue, the classes are a mix of dance cardio and toning with either body weight, bands or light weights. The dances are always unique and fun and the instructors are constantly supportive, so even when you’re on your 30th burpee of the class — you want to keep going because the teachers give you the confidence and support to believe in yourself and stay strong!”


CorePower Yoga

With over 200 studios nationwide, if you’re looking for a great yoga class, look no further. The most popular classes are the CorePower Yoga 1 (C1), CorePower Yoga 2 (C2), Yoga Sculpt, and Hot Power Fusion. Stars like Michelle and Malia Obama, Drew Barrymore, Julianne Hough, Lea Michele, Yara Shahidi, Kaley Cuoco, Gwyneth Paltrow have all been spotted at studios.

CorePower Yoga



With 88 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, celebs like Lea Michele, Kelly Ripa, and Bella Thorne love this mind, body, spirit spinning class. Done in the dark, sometimes with just a candle illuminating the room, music blasts as you ride your stationary bike to the beat. Some classes include minor choreography on the bike, and there is a hand weights portion for arms. You’ll feel euphoric after a class!



Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber love this full body boxing-based workout. With studios in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Noah Neiman, the co-founder of Rumble Boxing, tells HollywoodLife.comEXCLUSIVELY, that Rumble “is a full body workout — boxing helps generate that athletic lean and desirable physique. Our strength training and conditioning circuits utilize body weight calisthenics and weighted exercises. I think we transform minds before we transform bodies. I’ve had countless self-proclaimed workout haters, saying how surprisingly fun and addictive they found Rumble to be. If you can have a strong brand identity and still be able to cater to the casual fitness enthusiast, a seasoned athlete, or even the person who has traditionally hated the gym space then you have a big WIN!”


305 Fitness


Celebrity fans of this danced-based class include Miley Cyrus, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, Sophie Turner, Lais Ribeiro, Ashley Olsen, Amanda Seyfried and more. Sadie Kurzban, the Founder and CEO of 305 Fitness tells EXCLUSIVELY about her inspiration: “I wanted to create a fitness brand that was speaking directly to me and my friends. Most fitness brands have felt so exclusive, so white-and-thin. I wanted 305 to be about give-no-f*cks, gender-bending, break-the-rules. I wanted to create a space where everyone felt welcome to let their freak flag fly, free of judgement. Classes are 55 minutes of non-stop dancing and moving. Class focuses on a ton of cardio, with some resistance and flexibility work, too. Dancing is incredible for our coordination, agility, heart health and memory. And it’s SO MUCH FUN! 305 Fitness is a place where people come together to celebrate, to connect, to feel free.”



Celebrity fans include Hailey Baldwin Bieber, Sofia Vergara, Nina Agdal, Karlie Kloss and many more. SLT stands for strengthen, lengthen, tone, and this Megaformer-based workout will do just that. Though you don’t “move” fast or much, the slow, controlled motions seriously set your muscles on fire…in a good way! It delivers major results, and fast.




Founder Anna Kaiser tells EXCLUSIVELY, “At AKT, we focus on combining muscular endurance with power to create a strong, lean figure in the most efficient way possible. All of our classes are interval based, the most effective way to train your body. The intensity and length of the cardiovascular and muscular endurance portions vary from class to class, creating a well-rounded program designed to support each member’s strengths and weaknesses. Most boutique concepts are based around a single modality and instructors are told to lead a workout within a given genre. That means every class is different and the class experience depends solely on the instructor. Our workouts remain the same for three weeks, so that people are constantly challenged to improve their muscular and cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, and flexibility. Then we change it up to prevent plateauing.”



Peloton has three NYC based studios for cycling, running / bootcamp and yoga, however, their at-home model is really the most beneficial for everyone and anyone to reach their goals. A bike can be bought or leased and is delivered to your door. There are over 10,000 live and on-demand classes available, bringing that NYC in-studio energy to your home.


Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness’ co-founder Ellen Latham tells, “Orangetheory’s workout is designed to give members more results, more confidence and more life. We are a science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired group workout giving people a longer, more vibrant life. Orangetheory takes heart-rate interval training to a new level of performance! Each workout incorporates endurance, strength and power elements through a variety of equipment including treadmills, rowing machines, suspension training and free weights. The one-hour, heart rate-based interval training class centers around the science of Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption or ‘EPOC.’ This enables you to burn more calories long after your workout is over. Here’s the key: Twelve to twenty minutes in this ‘orange zone’ at 84% or higher of maximum heart rate will provide maximum benefits during the workout, enabling more calorie burn for up to 36 hours following the session. How great is that?” There are over 1,100 studios in 49 states and 22 countries, and celeb fans include Erin Andrews and Christina El Moussa. HollywoodLife’s Photo Director Paige loves it, too. “I just recently joined an Orangetheory Fitness gym & I am obsessed. I used to think it was for very athletic people, but everyone can workout at their own pace. The instructors really pay attention to you, making sure you are doing the routine correctly, efficiently & safely. For people on a time crunch like I am — they maximize your 60 minutes of working out to target your heart rate in the fat burning range. My friends and I try to take at least one class together a week and I have never been more excited to workout! I love that they they email you your stats from the class immediately after! It’s great motivation for all the hard work you just put in. I’m always leaving the class ready to schedule my next!”


Loved by celebs like Ashley Greene and Victoria Justice, STRONG by Zumba is NOT your mom’s dance class. STRONG by Zumba CEO Alberto Perlman tells “We started STRONG by Zumba because each time that we would take a traditional, high-intensity class, we were uninspired and disconnected from the music. We noticed that in the movies, composers are able to build a certain intensity and emotion through music, so we decided to create distinctive routines with signature moves and score the music to the workout.  We sync sounds and amazing beats to movement. Our fitness philosophy is that your body is your machine so we provide effective, high-intensity moves and hack your willpower through the unique experience of Synched Music Motivation. You are doing a routine of different moves from squats and jumps to burpees, the beat drops and ‘bam!’ each punch has a sound attached. You can’t help but feel like a superhero! It really works all parts of the body. There are very targeted movements that will strengthen your glutes, legs, obliques and the heart, of course, because there’s a ton of cardio. SBZ has shown me what true body sculpting looks like. Bodies are transformed to be athletic and agile, with a lower body fat percentage and toned muscles.”




Tracey Anderson

Tracy is an expert in catering to celebrity clientele. She has famously transformed the bodies of a-listers like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Alessandra Ambrosio, Victoria Beckham, Olivia Palermo, Olivia Wilde and many, many more. Gwyneth believed in Tracy and her method so much that she became business partners with her after Tracy helped her lose the baby weight after her second child.

Simone De La Rue

Simone’s Body By Simone classes are loved by Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough, Jennifer Garner and many more. She has sculpted countless celebs with her dance-based workouts! She’s also a featured trainer on Khloe Kardashian‘s Revenge Body.

Lacey has worked with celebs like Casey Wilson, Justin Chambers, Mary Louise Parker, Kelly Osbourne, Kiernan Shipka, Nicole Kidman and more. “I saw there was a need for women to learn to use their bodies in a way that was less about how they look and more about how they feel. As an athlete, I was trained to use my body as a weapon or a tool to perform and that is the root of what my brand is about. It’s not about being masculine or feminine — it’s about being strong in who you are from the inside out,” Lacey tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Through my transformational Comeback Camp programs, I teach women what it takes to have sustainable change through pattern-breaking workouts and mental toughness practices. I believe that everyone can have the body of their dreams; it just takes the right coach to help them believe it for themselves. No trendy workouts, no quick-fix diets or fancy trainer will get you sustainable change…. You will change you because you are magic.”

Anna Kaiser

Anna trains Kelly Ripa and Shakira, among many others! She tells EXCLUSIVELY, “As a dancer, I constantly struggled to find ways to keep myself in shape. I would go through phases of focusing on Pilates or yoga or barre, but then struggled with the idea that I was not getting enough cardio. As a result, I began overtraining and became tired of doing the same boring routine that I felt was not giving me the full-body training I needed. I wanted to create a culture and a brand that combined the personalization of private training with the community and electric experience that a boutique studio offers. I found that the consumer would plateau after only a few months of working out at a single modality studio (barre, Pilates, yoga, spin, etc.) because the workout wasn’t changing. With my background, I was able to combine my expertise in anatomy and exercise science with my knowledge and talent as a choreographer and dancer, to create a new take on efficient and effective workouts. I founded AKT as a solution, providing members with an ever-changing workout experience focused on something no other fitness concept does — a kinetic approach to physical wellness with a cutting edge in pop fitness culture.

Anna Kaiser


Gunnar Peterson

Gunnar trains Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Beckinsaleand many more celebs and pro athletes. He tells EXCLUSIVELY that everyone needs to make fitness a priority. “That pays dividends in every other area. Everything you do inside the gym makes everything you do outside of the gym better. You’re improving your circulatory system. You heal faster. You sleep better. You function better. You’re less likely to be injured. You’re more resistant to disease and illness. And when you go to the Khloes, the Kims, the Jennifers, these aren’t people who are training for a month and taking a month off or really crushing it for three months and then not doing anything for two … That’s not how it works. All those people are at the top of their field. I’ve been doing this 29 years. When I look over the years at the people I’ve worked with at the top of their field, across the board, they work hard and they’re consistent. There’s something very refreshing about that to me because that’s quantifiable. Okay, work hard, have success, I like that. It’s never a fluke.”


Harley Pasternak

Harley has trained celebs like Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus and says it’s NOT just about “hitting the gym.” He tells EXCLUSIVELY, “It’s a holistic thing. You need food. You need movement. And you need sleep. Those are equally important. I think something that holds people back is the fear, the intimidation of it all, like, ‘Ugh, gosh, I’m scared to go to a gym and do this and the pain and the workout.’ Keep it simple. Maybe you don’t go to a gym. Maybe you workout at home. And that’s great, small steps to get there. I think people have to just bite off a little bit at a time, rather than looking at this giant ominous thing that they’re having to get in shape. Don’t think about getting in shape. Think, ‘I need to walk around the block once today.’”



My Fitness by Jillian Michaels

“I am and have been a ‘personal’ trainer for over two decades,” Jillian “That means that in my ideal scenario I am working with an individual and customizing their workouts based on their goals, fitness level, likes and dislikes etc. to help them achieve success. For years, I did the second best thing like write books and create DVD workouts because the option to personally train people wasn’t available. Now with app technology, I can literally be everyone’s personal trainer and coach. I have the ability to cater to exactly what they want and need — not just their workouts, but also their nutrition plan. And this makes everything so much easier for the individual trying to get in shape.
My Fitness is really the only app the offers pure customization. You literally tell me your fitness level, injuries etc., what you want to achieve, how long you have, what equipment you have and I create everything for you based on the info you give me. For meal plans, I worked with chefs and registered dietitians to create recipes for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, omnivores, paleo etc. so no matter what your goals or your preferences you get everything you need.”


Studio Tone It Up: Workouts

Rather than a focus on shedding pounds, it’s all about setting goals, and feeling great. Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott created the Tone It Up community, which includes workout content, food, lifestyle tips and encouragement from other women. It’s a friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere!


5 Ways Tracy Anderson Gets Results With Hollywood’s Best Bodies

By | Press

28 February 2019


5 ways Tracy Anderson gets results with Hollywood’s best bodies




THE TRACY ANDERSON method is a unique dance-inspired workout that’s captured the hearts and chiseled the bodies of top celebs from Gwyneth Paltrow to Lena Dunham (and just about every hot Hollywood bod in between). It’s fun but it’s fierce, and can be done in one of Tracy’s studios or online with her streaming platform — but does the workout live up to its hype?

You bet. We recently met up with fitness pioneer and total babe, Tracy Anderson,and got to chat with her about her namesake fitness method — and sweat through a TA class first-hand. To celebrate Minnie Mouse’s 90th birthday, our friends at Pressed Juicery teamed up with Disney for two limited-edition juices and a fitness-fueled party — outfitted by led by female-founded athleisurewear brand Terez, and led by Tracy herself — on a gorgeous rooftop in LA. Watch our post-class interview with Tracy above.

Tracy did years of scientific research to perfect her protocol and make sure that every move is designed to create balance within the body — the opposite effect many trendy workouts tend to have. After just a few minutes of The Tracy Anderson Method, we were burning up and shaking in the best way. We left the class feeling strong, empowered and perfectly aligned — not to mention incredibly sweaty. Here’s how it works so well, and how you can amp up whatever fitness routine you love with a few key principals in mind…


5 Keys To A Killer Workout

CREATE BALANCE | There is not one move that can do anything result-oriented for anyone. If you do one move over and over again you’re going to end up creating imbalance in your body. I’m about the opposite — I’m about creating balance where there is imbalance in your body, which is why every single week in my studios and in my online studio I deliver a new sequence of 9 – 13 different moves. Every week.

DYNAMIC MOVEMENT | Over 20 years of doing this, to ask me to pick my one move is actually impossible.  But I would say that if there was only one move that you could do, I’d say pick one of my moves that is multi-dimensional, meaning there is different muscle coupling in it and it’s really dynamic. You might move from a plant to a side-plant to a butt lift all in one move, it’ll have three or four different components to it to target a variety of muscles. But because I’ve developed the largest bank of content in fitness, to name all of my moves would be virtually impossible.

INVOLVE INTUITION | Beyond fitness, my most important health habit is the way I fight for nature in myself and don’t allow myself to be denatured, meaning I listen to my gut as a mom, I listen to my gut with food — you know, it doesn’t take a genius to know that processed foods are probably bad for us and whole organic foods are probably good for us. I lean into nature when it comes to relationships; good love not bad love (if you’re in bad love, you leave). It’s a principle in life. I lean towards what my gut tells me.

LEAN INTO SELF LOVE | You first start to see results by way of how you feel and how you connect with yourself even after the first class. When you do the first class with me, because I don’t speak — which is all scientific-based research I’ve done on why I don’t speak to you during the class — things come up in you, whether it’s self-judgement or recognizing how it feels to move a certain way, or the actual enjoyment you feel after realizing you just did something, even if you didn’t do it all perfectly the first time it’s enjoyable because you actually showed up, you did it, you tried something new and you tried your best.

USE TOYS | In 2019 I have a lot of very exciting, innovative things that I am creating. I am developing a new machine for my studios which is really exciting for me because I have invented a lot of things like my band system and the first hyper body reformer many years ago. I’m inventing a new machine this year which will be released to my studios. I am re-doing my entire online platform and online community. I am just about to launch, in early 2019, a thing called the performance program online which is a deep dive into the totality of your health and wellness and how exactly to fight for your nature.


The Best Celebrity Trainers in Hollywood — Tracy Anderson, Gunnar Peterson and More Reveal Their Fitness Secrets

By | Press

27 February 2019


The Best Celebrity Trainers in Hollywood — Tracy Anderson, Gunnar Peterson and More Reveal Their Fitness Secrets


The Select Guest: Meet Rachelle Hruska Macpherson

By | Press

27 February 2019


The select guest: meet Rachelle Hruska Macpherson


Photographed by Stephanie Stanley


Do you Miss Barack? Do you want to scream it from the rooftops? Well, Rachelle Hruska MacPherson did one better: She stitched the sentiment on a cashmere sweater and started a movement. Here’s how the story goes. After struggling openly with debilitating postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of her sons, MacPherson, on the advice of a friend, was looking for a way to alleviate some of that anxiety by using her hands. So use her hands she did, utilizing the embroidery skills she had learned from her Grandma Rita back in Nebraska as a kid. She simply picked up an old cashmere sweater and starting sewing. The first one said “Booyah”and it became not only a symbol for MacPherson’s fierce inner strength, but it turned her into a voice for not just one, but many, generations. Today, her conscious brand, Lingua Franca, stitches a slew of meaningful messages across their sustainably-sourced cashmere pieces including the infamous “I Miss Barack” design which MacPherson specially created for the first Women’s March rallies in 2017 (all proceeds from that sweater were donated to a charity of each customer’s choosing, BTW). She’s gone on to add more political and aspirational affirmations (Power to the People; We Are All Immigrants; Give A Damn) to what was originally conceived as hip-hop lyric leaning line (Original Gangsta; That Thing; Old School), but no matter the phrase, the sensibility is the same: This is a woman who is teaching the world how to wear their hearts on their literal sleeves. Welcome to Rachelle’s week.


Bathtime + Bedtime


My biggest secret is sleep. I think I need more sleep than most people and I don’t really fight it. I have to get eight hours a night to have a productive day, and many times I get nine. I think it’s one of the single biggest changes I’ve made in my life in the last decade that has impacted my health and well being.

My favorite workouts are the Tracy Anderson streaming classes. I recently started doing these from home at least three times a week and love how my body has changed, I feel so much stronger. I also like to mix in yoga and the occasional Pilates class. When the weather is nice, I like to go on walk/jog combinations outside – it’s such a great way to clear my head.




To wash my face, I use the same thing I’ve been using since I was a child – Cetaphil wash. In the winter I love the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil. Sometimes after washing, I’ll splash on the SK-II Facial Essence followed by a dab of the SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Defense in acne prone areas. I have recently gotten into the Drunk Elephant line of products and love their Retinol Crème and Glycolic Night Serum. After that I LOVE slathering Vintner’s Daughter oil right before bedtime. Also, True Botanicals makes a great Vitamin C Powder that, when mixed with their serum, works wonders to brighten your skin, especially in the winter. I also love the Tata Harper products – especially the Eye Cream! Once in a while, I’ll treat myself and visit my friend Shamara at SB Skin (37 W 19th St #3, New York; +1 917 243 1389) for microcurrent facials.


In the winter, post shower I splash my entire body in L’Occitane’s Supple Skin Almond Oil. It smells so so good my kids have also become addicts. The CBD oil from Charlotte’s Web has been a useful tool for me on those nights when I can’t seem to shut off my brain before bedtime—  a dab under my tongue followed by a book seems to put me out. I’m not fussy about hair, but I try to wash it less, especially in the winter months. I use the Triple Sec Spray from Dry Bar to keep it looking fresh in between washes.




I rarely wear makeup during the day, usually just a splash of blush/bronzer (I like Guerlain Terracotta “4 Seasons” powder), followed by Buxom Lightweight Mascara and a touch up of my eyebrows with my Benefit Brow Brush and Pencil. On nights out, I’ll add in an eyeliner (I like the dark brown ones from Nars or Bobbi Brown), and concealer – I use the Cle de Peau Stick.


More About Rachelle


Rachelle Hruska MacPherson is the Founder of Lingua Franca, a company founded on starting meaningful conversations. Their first collections feature a line of sustainably, sourced, fair trade, luxury cashmere sweaters, all hand stitched by women in NYC. She is also the founder and CEO of Guest of a Guest, a NYC based website that covers events, people, and places. She has been featured in The New Yorker, The New York Times, WWD, W and Vogue. Hruska was named 13 under 30 by the NYPost, and the Most Influential Women In Technology in 2011 by Fast Company.


30, 50, or 90 Minutes? Discover the Best Training Times for You

By | Press

26 February 2019


30, 50, or 90 minutes? Discover the best training times for you.


This year began with the horoscope and with the type of exercise that you had to do according to your zodiac sign, followed with the calories that an evening of sales could help you burn and now, when there is less than a month to officially start the spring, you go to discover the secret so that the lack of time does not ruin your training plan. And is that when the routine is imposed and you find it difficult to play sports every day, what you need is a plan that suits your schedule and that gets you, have the time you have, always reach your goals . To get it, we have asked several specialists in fitness and nutrition what is the most effective discipline for each availability. 30, 50 or 90? Whatever your effort, we promise that you will have a reward.



© Free People


For starters, Pablo López, physiotherapist and fitness professional at Club Bonasport -where many influencers like  Jessica Goicoechea ,  Laura Escanes and Alex Rivière- are coaching , explains that “depending on the time you have your type of training may be more or less intensity Training of shorter duration (30 minutes, for example) usually require more intensity than those of 90 to burn the same amount of calories . ” With this premise in mind, you know that the less time you have, the more you have to intensify the rhythm of your routine. Next, the recommendation of the experts to train you in 30, 50 or 90 minutes in a (very) effective way.


30 minutes: high intensity training


Javier Barbón and Marta Álvarez from Berdibon’s team of experts explain that in order to burn fat in half an hour what works best are the anaerobic exercises (of greater intensity), with a circuit that includes sprints , sagging, weight lifting, functional exercises like squats with jump, push-ups, plates, etc. From Bonasport they coincide and talk about the benefits of HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training): “It consists of doing a period of time at high intensity and another at low. This allows you to keep burning calories even a couple of hours after training. ” For example, if you train on a stationary bike, you can start with three minutes of warm-up, then alternate two very intense minutes with two more gentle minutes and repeat that sequence five or six times.

A good way to put it into practice are the gyms in which the usual sessions of one hour or 50 minutes are shortened to less than half and offer classes focused on people without much time. For example, the Madrid Ritual Gym, a concept arrived from Singapore whose fitness routines  – which work all the musculature and accelerate the metabolism to burn more fat – only last 20 minutes.




© Silou London



50 minutes: alternate disciplines


“One advantage of the 50-minute workouts is that they allow you to vary the most powerful workouts with those of constant intensity. So, for many days that you come, you can break the monotony by alternating one with the other “ , explains Pablo López. Many celebrities like Dakota Johnson or Elsa Pataky have revealed that varying discipline is often what keeps them motivated and perseverant. From Berdibon recommend to perform 3 to 4 weekly sessions in which combine aerobic exercises with other anaerobic: “The goal of these sessions is to perform a Full Body workout where we will work most of the muscle groups (strength and balance) and improve the lung capacity and capacity “.

Of course, as well as the duration of the sessions, the number of times you train a week must also adapt to your lifestyle: “Regardless of the time you have to train (30, 50 or 90 minutes), you should do physical activity a minimum of 3 days a week . In addition, we should not forget that a couple of days of rest are necessary for the body to assimilate the training “, advises the Bonasport expert, following the recommendation of the World Health Organization to practice, at least, 150 minutes of physical activity moderate to the week.



© Black Limba


Most gyms offer their different disciplines in 50-minute sessions, making it very easy to meet that goal with only 3 days of weekly training. This is the case of one of the last fitness centers inaugurated in Madrid, the studio of Tracy Anderson, who recently extended her class schedule with FundamenTAl — a moderate difficulty level of training to kick off this exercise modality that she has conquered, among others, Alessandra Ambrosio and Olivia Palermo. In addition, both Tracy Anderson and other gyms provide the possibility of having different types of training with a single registration — allowing you to combine them as recommended by experts.


90 minutes: medium-rate routines


When you have an hour and a half to exercise, it is best that you take it easy, especially if you are not used to spending so much time training. Contrary to what you might think, if you do not have a good physical background it is best to start with longer and less intense training like these, than start directly with the HIIT. “First you should take a base of strength and strength, of softer and longer-lasting exercises, 50 or 90 minutes, rather than doing crazy intervals, because for a person who has just started can be harmful. Pablo Lopez proposes to take advantage of all this time available to try the gym machines and “work the abductors by closing and opening the legs, or strengthen the arms with a pair of dumbbells; You can even devote 10 minutes to the work of glutes and abs on the mat. ”



© Victoria Sport


Food and results


As with any fitness plan, eating plays a fundamental role in achieving results. “The diet of athletes focuses on three main objectives: to provide energy, provide nutrients to repair tissues (especially muscle) and regulate the body’s metabolism to distribute that energy correctly,” they explain from Berdibon. They recommend that, before training, eat healthy carbohydrates such as legumes, nuts, vegetables or fruits. You should do it between an hour and a half or three before putting on sports and, on the contrary, you should avoid  industrial bakery, carbonated drinks or any food that gives you a momentary rush because it will fall immediately. As an ideal nutrient when leaving the gym, proteins are the best option.

As for the results, Pablo López clarifies that they will always be noticed more quickly if you train more minutes than less, but the half-hour routines also get it even if you are going to have to use yourself more thoroughly. In addition, he ensures that achieving your goals little by little and progressively is the best formula for success: “Generally, good results are seen after 2 or 3 months . Maybe your goal is your cousin’s wedding, in 3 weeks, but you must know that what arrives quickly, quickly goes away “.


Read the original article here.

Why Celebs Should Get a Workout in on Oscars Morning

By | Press

25 February 2019


Why celebs should get a workout in on Oscars morning



In the chaos that ensues before an Oscars red carpet, arranging a morning workout is just as important as hair and makeup.

“The ones that can sweat the morning of the carpet, that makes all the difference in photographs,” celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson told Page Six in a recent interview. “It’s getting all the tension out of your body so you photograph better and you speak better, it’s literally the best form of meditation you can do.”

And more often than not, that sweat session is at 5 a.m.

“I’ve had to take a red-eye, 5 a.m. land, and go right into a workout for someone that was actually hosting an award show once,” she recalled. “I’ve had to get up at like 3:45-4 a.m. to be in the car to be at someone’s house, for sure I’ve had to do that many many many times for people.”

But after showing up — at whatever time — for the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Tracee Ellis Ross for nearly 20 years, Anderson has the award show training season down to a science.

“There’s definitely a shift in energy … Private training requests and travel training really goes through the roof for us,” she said of this time of year.

Along with doing her signature moves with ankle weights and resistance bands, her training sessions come with a side of therapy as she calms the nerves of celebrities readying to hit the carpet.

“I feel like I’m so relaxed in knowing how to take care of them,” she said. “They’ve got so much pressure on them, especially the ones that are nominated or presenting or hosting, I feel that something that people don’t even realize is that they have a lot of nervousness and gratitude, a lot of high, high, high adrenaline, where they just don’t want to disappoint.”

Anderson and her team have become synonymous with accommodating the unruly schedules of actors and musicians and catering to the buzz of awards season that can easily sweep both a red carpet newbie or veteran into a panic.

“It’s a different feeling when you are that exposed and vulnerable and so I like to make sure that I’m really supportive,” she added, which can mean sending a “travel trainer” anywhere in the world or a version of a Tracy Anderson Method studio, the Super-G Cardio Floor, with a $10,000 price tag.

One-on-one sessions will cost a star $2,500 for 10 workouts or $90 a month to stream the TA Method online.

While training, Anderson discourages her clients from dieting. “The people I work with they might feel pressure, like, ‘Oh my God should I diet?” and I always calm them down and say, ‘No because you don’t want walk out on the red carpet and feel dizzy or not be in the moment or feel like you’re going to faint because you’re starving.’”

Anderson’s approach is strategic and customized training, a mindset she’s stuck to since she started training Paltrow.

“I can make a lot happen in someone’s design of their body very, very quickly,” she said. “Even way back in the day when Gwyneth and I first started she pulled in 11 inches all over her body during the first 10 days in doing my strategic muscle exhaustion, so there are definitely things you can achieve, but you’re achieving it from the inside out,” dubbing it “really cute” when a celebrity contacts her with 48 hours before a big event.

“I’m always very honest, I’m like ‘bless your heart,’” she joked, explaining that a week out is the ideal time window where she likes to prep a client.

“If I get from like five to seven days in a row, I can get you down to where you look the best,” she said.

But regardless of whether a nominee has a few weeks or a few days before they hit the red carpet, Anderson said that she’s loving those who embrace their bodies.

“People are wanting to own their shapes more than ever,” she said. “They want to be healthy, they want to be fit, [but] the vibe now is really about working on your own self-esteem and letting your own beauty shine and highlighting your true self.”

The Hottest Fitness Trends in Madrid

By | Press

25 February 2019


The Hottest Fitness Trends in Madrid


The famous Tracy Anderson, creator of her own method, has opened her own studio in Madrid.

The world of fitness has set its sights on Madrid and today is one of the world’s capitals when it comes to putting into practice the most modern disciplines that are not yet present in any other European city. No running or yoga or pilates. Today everyone talks about Tracy Anderson , Síclo , or The Trip and those who have tried them say that it changes your life.

Sports centers have reached a great moment. The transformation of Madrid has not only concentrated the best hotels and restaurants in the heart of the pulsating city, now also its heart rate is marked by the new fitness disciplines in ultra-modern venues located in fashionable neighborhoods. The gym of all life gave way to low cost centers and today we see proliferate sports centers that are a prodigy of design and interior design where you can sweat in another way: based on motivating collective class, mixed with coaching techniques that look for you hooks and do not abandon your good intentions. If that sounds like paying a gym and not showing up in months, at these sports centers they will change your chip. Their classes are addictive, a climate of good vibes is generated and you are willing to eat the world. Of course, you have to invest something more in the monthly payment.

Where to find them? Particularly striking is how the area of Alonso Martínez , which includes two neighborhoods, that of Justicia and that of Almagro, belonging to the Centro and Chamberí districts respectively, is being transformed into “the new Malasaña” : the coolest, most crowded area of life, premises, bars, restaurants, florists and now also a very sporty apple following trends and the latest.


The diaphanous center of Síclo, on Calle Fernando VI, hides a dark classroom that looks like an authentic disco.

Síclo has eight locations in Mexico, where this rhythmic pedaling class is very successful. In Europe, for now -because the idea is to keep growing-, they are only present in Madrid, precisely, at number 23 on Calle Fernando VI. “Undoubtedly, when we focused on Spain, we saw that the first step was to start in the capital, we made a study and found that it was something that Madrid did not have and needed, and it fit perfectly with society and the habits that this neighborhood has” explains Leti Odériz, Brand Manager of Spain. It consists of a collective session with a cheerful instructor who guides the students on a bicycle but, how is it different from an Indoor Cycle or Spinning of a lifetime?

“It’s a concept that was born in the US In Síclo we shoot to the rhythm of music, that is, we dance on the bike, in a dark room, with a set of lights and instructors who are rockstars , the adrenaline sensation makes you live an incredible experience, “says Odériz. Surely you have not seen a spinning class accompanied by weights: “We work our whole body, we even use dumbbells to strengthen our arms and back, we play with resistance, speed, strength and flexibility, we seek to disconnect from the world to connect with ourselves . the best time of your day. ”

Síclo shares with the rest of the innovative disciplines that are settling in Madrid a lifestyle: an experience, a family where every detail matters, where each person gives the best of himself and thus generates a good atmosphere. What used to make you lazy, play sports, now becomes an illusion for which no excuses are sought. “Through music, an incredible community and the adrenaline of the energy of the studio, you are your best version , not only inside, but also outside the room,” reasons Leticia. For Estefanía Ruilope, expert lifestyle journalist, going to Síclo makes her focus and during the class she does not think of anything else: “I love going first thing in the morning, since there are classes at 7:30, and at 8 : 30 you are ready to start your day with a lot more energy, besides being in the dark if one day you are weaker and you do not have the rhythm, nobody finds out … For 45 minutes I disconnect and reflect on interesting topics and, of course, changed and molded the body! ”


The difference between Síclo and an Indoor Cycle is that we include weights to tone and a play of lights.

That is to say, calories are no longer counted so much, that also because Síclo even tones the muscles , as well as the emotional benefits and the bonds that are established in the sporting field. And maybe for this reason a client prefers to invest 22.50 euros in this healthy leisure that is a fun class before a dinner. “The first session has a special cost of 17.10 euros, then you can buy loose classes or packages of 5, 10, 20 or 40 classes, without registration or monthly payments,” says Odériz.


Simply changing the sidewalk, crossing in the same street, we came across another exclusive sports center that comes from the Venezuelan entrepreneurs who have set up Roots Lamarca in a historic building rehabilitated and converted into a modern center for healthy living , from clothes to food. In a very short time they will open another gym just a few meters away, but at the moment they are doing great with the method of the dancer Tracy Anderson , who studied anatomy for years for her obesity problems and developed her own training system, based on focused movements in gluteus and leg with ballasts, subjected to high temperatures, as Bikram Yoga.

The room where the Tracy Anderson method is practiced is at very high temperatures, so you sweat twice.

“Madrid is currently the only city in Europe that offers a studio by Tracy Anderson. When she learned about the innovative and progressive project that is being built in Lamarca, she knew that she wanted to be part of it and open her first European studio ther. The studio offers group training and private training for all levels of fitness,” says Steven Beltrani, Chief Communications Officer at Tracy Anderson Global. Private training services are also available in London and Tracy has an online program that offers a weekly transmission service (it can be tested for 14 days free of charge).

The differentiator of her workouts are that they help to create a balance in the body: the coach does not give a single instruction by voice, so the concentration is such that it strengthens the mind-body connection. The monthly payments are much higher than in a conventional gym but, as in Síclo, there is the possibility of arranging individual classes.





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But long before these innovations landed in Madrid, a Spaniard wanted to take another step in the world of Les Mills by investing heavily in a giant screen to improve the experience of riding a bicycle . Óscar Peiro , athlete of Reebok and instructor of all the coaches of these disciplines in Spain, was mortgaged to set up his own gym without big chains behind but with a strong bet in Moncloa to make the sports center a place where he would not only train , but to have fun, make friends and release all the tension and stress accumulated in the maelstrom of everyday life.


The Trip class at Smart Club, Óscar Peiro’s gym. The screen is similar to that of a movie theater.

The Trip works at two levels, in the physical and in the mental, as it is obvious, the cardiovascular part through the loads in each of the work phases that are carried out, in the sprint phases , fast parts in the that the load is light and the speed is high, power phases in which we look for a moderate load with an average speed and, finally, the phases of force in which the load is high or very high and the speed is slow. The mental part is different and fun, it is a unique class, thanks to the screen we can look for different feelingsand this makes the challenge more important because you have a visual reference of all this,” says the instructor, about to open Studio1 in the area of ​​Bravo Murillo, his new gym, with a very different boutique concept and in another area animated city, will be the second place where you can only attend The Trip .

Thanks to the screen, the sound and the immersive system itself, a unique atmosphere is created within the class in which the monitor, guiding the experience, improves the feelings of each one. “When you are climbing a hill and you do not see the end, you always think ‘my mother how much is left’, but with this, you are able to take people further, to seek to cross and overcome their limits and they themselves are stung and want more. ” It’s like being inside a video game .

What will we have to see, taste and feel? This is just the beginning, a few days ago we also told you that Ritual Gym , the 30-minute gym from Singapore, has chosen the capital to expand into Europe. Attentive, that Madrid is still in full fit-boil .

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I Tried Tracy Anderson’s Streaming Workouts for 2 Weeks—Here Are My Thoughts

By | Press

21 February 2019


I tried Tracy Anderson’s streaming workouts for 2 weeks — here are my thoughts.


As you may have heard by now, celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson is offering her dance-inspired workouts — as well as her signature muscular structure toning techniques — to the masses. By live-streaming her in-studio classes, you can essentially feel as if you are one of the class participants while actually exercising in your own home.

The idea is to combine a dance cardio segment (30 minutes each) with a muscular structure segment. (These are offered in beginner, intermediate, and advanced variations). With her toning segments, she aims to target smaller muscles that other forms of exercise fail to hit. New muscular structure segments for each level are made available to subscribers every Wednesday to help prevent plateaus.

It’s honestly quite difficult to describe what her workouts entail but a mix of dance, barre, and pilates mostly gets the point across. In short, it’s truly unique — so I was intrigued. Upon discovering that a free two-week trial was being offered, I signed up.



The Workout

The order in which I did the workouts was a cardio segment first, followed by a muscular structure video. For those without any dance background, you will certainly feel as if you are all over the place during the dance segments and are unable to keep up at times. Although I did the same dance segment probably about five times within the two weeks before trying other ones, it didn’t get drastically easier to keep up. With that being said, I would imagine that if you had the subscription, you could definitely pick a few and really learn those dances, but I was attempting to get an overview of all the content in only two weeks.

Another observation I had about the dance cardio was the intensity, which quite honestly given all the hype around Tracy Anderson, I expected to be higher. As an avid runner and cyclist, I didn’t feel particularly breathless during the dance videos. Again, if you really knew the dances, this may be different as you’d be able to put your whole body into the movements versus just trying to keep up and anticipate what’s coming next. Even so, I can’t imagine those ever being as challenging of cardio workouts as running or cycling. However, I will concede that they are much more fun and unexpected!

After dancing, I would begin the muscular structure work. Being relatively fit but not necessarily skilled in this particular style of workout, I chose the intermediate level. The intermediate level is one hour while the advanced level ranges anywhere from one hour to 90 minutes, and the beginner level clocks in at 30 minutes. The muscular structure segments are where Tracy and her team of trainers really shine. To kick off the toning, there are both an unweighted and a weighted arms segment (you should have three-pound dumbbells as well as ankle weights for the muscular structure work). Then, you will go down to the floor and proceed to perform a LOT (and I mean, a lot!) of exercises on each side of your lower body. I have never felt my glutes like that, despite over eight years of tough workouts. Be aware that many of her moves are incredibly complex (i.e. not your usual fire hydrant glute lift) so don’t be overly discouraged if you don’t grasp everything immediately or if you have to move a little slower than the people on your screen!



I definitely enjoyed Tracy Anderson’s streaming workouts and found them to be innovative and non-repetitive. The convenience of working out at home and having access to fresh content while doing so was great. Overall, I did feel it was a bit lacking in the cardio department and would want to supplement with a run or bike ride at least once a week if I were to keep doing her workouts over the long-term. With that said, the muscular structure work is truly unparallelled, and unlike the dance cardio, is something you won’t be able to easily find elsewhere.

Another major observation I had about these workouts was the time commitment they require. It certainly seems like a lot compared to other exercise methods, especially if you do cardio and muscular structure work on the same day and as you progress through the levels, the muscular structure videos become longer. One solution that Tracy Anderson’s team offers is the multiTAsk workouts, which are condensed versions of both the cardio and muscular structure work, and allow you to fit both into approximately one hour. I definitely enjoyed the videos that I tried from this category and found them to be just as challenging as the full-length segments. I think that I will probably pay the $90 per month for a few months and see how I fare doing Tracy Anderson workouts over a longer period of time, but I also won’t be giving up my spin classes and runs any time soon.

Read the original article here.


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20 February 2019


Getting Oscar Ready: Celebs Favorite LA Beauty Spots


The spas, gyms, and hair salons most loved by the stars.


On February 24th, in Los Angeles, the stars will shine brighter than any other time. Booking an appointment with the best hair stylists or make-up artists is almost impossible today. But to which “specialists” do the celebs turn? What are the most beloved beauty retreats in Los Angeles? Let’s find out together.



The Now, 7611 Beverly Boulevard, West Hollywood
A day spa inspired by shamanistic practices. Los Angeles is home to four locations, from Silver Lake to Santa Monica, but Beverly Hills is the best, a small Spanish-inspired minimal chic oasis. The interiors are reminiscent of Tulum beach huts: gnarled oak doors, diaphanous curtains and cactus pots to decorate any room. The numerous proposed rituals have a great goal: to restore the body and to rebalance the mind. There are massages to rebalance the energies and open the chakras, rediscover inner peace and well-being, or to give back “water to the roots” of the body by encouraging better circulation and thus relaxation of body and mind. Many treatments are tailor-made and guarantee multi-sensorial and extra-corporeal experiences. Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Lea Michele are regular customers.

The Now
The Now

Olympic Spa, 3915 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles
A no-frills Asian style spa. Both body and soul benefit from the treatments here. Korean scrub and aromatic shampoos, tea baths and shiatsu massages, treatments focus first on inner well-being and then on external beauty. A “men free” place for women only, where you can also enjoy a good snack in the Korean restaurant on site or take a nap embraced by the warmth of the jade room.


The Malibu Ranch, 12220 Cotharin Road, Malibu
The first and original, but very luxurious, California boot camp is in a real ranch in the mountains of Santa Monica. A sophisticated ashram where many stars go to get in shape . The experience, of 4, 7 or 10 days, is definitely hardcore: you wake up at 5:30, you participate in the first yoga session before a light breakfast, then you walk for many hours, eating only a few handfuls of almonds, you they work out in the gym and in the swimming pool, go back to yoga and in the evening they can refresh themselves with a starry dinner, but with only vegetables. The results are guaranteed: perfect physical form, pure and new tanning and rediscovered positive energy.

The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu


The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu

Esalen Institute, 55000 Highway 1, Big Sur
Three hours from San Francisco, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is the ideal place to reconnect with your inner self. The place to be of many Silicon Valley magnates and Hollywood stars hit by burnout (even Don Draper ended up here in the Mad Men final). Here we come to find inner peace by participating in over 600 workshops available or just observing the migration of whales and the open sea with its waves crashing on the rocks all around the structure. The real gem, however, are the excursions in the canyon and the regenerating thermal baths to do at night and obligatorily naked.

Esalen Institute
Esalen Institute
Esalen institute, landscape

© Doug Ellis, Kodiak Greenwood

Esalen institute, landscape


Mèche Salon, 8820 Burton Way, Beverly Hills
Founded by the color expert, Tracey Cunningham , and the hairstylist, Neil Weisberg , this salon in the heart of Beverly Hills is the most popular among the stars and boasts among its clients Shailene Woodley, Drew Barrymore , Emma Stone, Jessica Biel and Jennifer Lopez. Considered one of the best salons in Los Angeles, where a cut can cost 400 dollars and even 500 color, in the pre-Oscar period it is off limits. It is necessary to book months before.

Mèche Salon
Mèche Salon

Andy Lecompte Salon, 616 N Almont Dr, West Hollywood
Madonna, Penélope Cruz, Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry among the clientele. Only the best stylists and colorists work here — like Jen Atkin, Vanessa Spath, and Andy Lecompte. A haircut can not cost less than $ 200, 600 if it’s with Andy himself. In the salon you can also get a manicure, pedicure and make-up done with the best specialists.

Andy Lecompte
Andy Lecompte

Mare, 152 North Wetherly Drive, West Hollywood
New on the scene, is already a favorite of many celebs such as Rita Ora and Lily Collins. Founded by the hairstylists Mara Roszak , Alex Polillo and colorist Denis de Souza – heavyweights in Hollywood – this salon is a converted house with a cozy and super relaxed atmosphere, with an outdoor area where clients can receive sun-kissed treatments from the sun.



Tracy Anderson, 11918 San Vicente Boulevard, Los Angeles

Tracy Anderson’s Brentwood studio attracts celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt and Alessandra Ambrosio — a regular at the 9am dance class. Here the frantic routine is dominated by sweating profusely during HIIT training sessions. Tracy Anderson is also one of Kim Kardashian’s personal trainers.

Tracy Anderson
Tracy Anderson

The Class by Taryn Toomey
A workout course totally different from any other. It ranges from 45 minutes minimum, up to a maximum of 90, based on a basic rhythmic gymnastics, interspersed with HIIT (high intensity training) with a carefully chosen playlist in the background. Then the “heart opening” moment is triggered, where training is transformed into a sort of group therapy in which one is invited to express all of one’s deep emotions: from laughter, to crying, to the cries of despair. Everything is allowed. A visceral experience that burns calories , strengthens the muscles and helps to “empty” from everything that is a burden. In Los Angeles you can attend The Class in three different places, but the most popular is Wanderlust, at 1357 Highland Ave in Hollywood, a multi-functional space where you can practice yoga, fitness, but also wine tasting courses and nutrition and art workshops.

Shape House, 12319 Ventura blvd, Los Angeles
The most important “sweat house” in Los Angeles. Here you lose up to 1600 calories in a single 55-minute session without any effort or exercise . It is no coincidence that Shape House is frequented by stars like Selena Gomez and the Kardashians who let themselves slip into a sort of 70-degree infrared heated sleeping bag that, while they watch Netflix — making them sweat and lose weight. A practice that detoxifies, increases metabolism and even improves sleep.



By | Press

18 February 2019


The most important part of the royals beauty routine


In her recent appearance at the BAFTAs, the Duchess of Cambridge confirmed a theory: queens and princesses don’t take care of their hair or their face the most. The royals most important part of their routine is less obvious.


vogue news trends

Source: Getty Images


Sofía Lázaro – Themost anticipated moment of the 2019, The British Academy Film Awards, did not disappoint: Kate Middleton appeared with earrings rescued from Lady Di’s jewelry box and a dress by Alexander McQueen, an asymmetrical bridal look that should go straight to the Pinterests of all the brides of 2019 and years to come. Although it is not the first time that the Duchess of Cambridge wore her mother-in-law’s jewels , that wasn’t the detail that caught our attention the most.


vogue news trends

Source: Getty Images


It was her arms: perfectly toned and slightly muscled, with no trace of flaccidity. Kate Middleton has been an accomplished sportswoman since she was a child: skating, swimming, playing tennis, hockey, skiing, polo and especially rowing (she had to leave her team because of the constant presence of the paparazzi), practices that have left perfectly sculpted arms — reminding us of another iconic image …


vogue news trends

Source: Getty Images


Right! Her sister-in-law Meghan Markle dressed in Stella McCartney while leaving Windsor Castle for the reception of her wedding with Prince Harry in May 2018. Who didn’t  feel ‘arm envy’ when they saw the Duchess of Sussex with those shoulders and forearms perfectly defined by the impeccable halter-neck dress. Her secret? A lot of effort! Meghan follows the method of Tracy Anderson (and has even gotten Harry to join in ), a celebrity favorite when it comes to personal training.


vogue news trends

Source: Getty Images


And, of course, it’s impossible to talk about royals and their defined arms without mentioning her: Mrs. Letizia steals the attention of the international press every time she wears a sleeveless suit with her incredibly defined arm muscles. In this article we already spilled all her (many) secrets that contribute to a figure that looks more like it was sculpted out of marble than flesh. In her fitness routine the queen practices yoga, often goes to the gym, attends Zumba two or three times a week and has started to enjoy to the benefits of power walking. Let’s face it: maybe they are princesses by luck, but some royal arms (at least these) weren’t built by chance…