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Tracy Anderson Method

Yes, as long as you present a note from your doctor and sign a pregnancy waiver at the studio. The Prescription Team will work with you throughout your pregnancy to customize the program for all nine months. In addition, Custom Programs can be performed in studio rooms that are not as warm as the central studio. A pregnancy waiver, in addition to a doctor’s note, is required.

For at-home workouts, Tracy created The Pregnancy Project, a comprehensive DVD series that will take you through all nine months of pregnancy.

Depending on the type of birth, you can usually begin after six or eight weeks. However, your doctor must release you to exercise first. Your abdominal wall can separate during labor, so you need to be checked to ensure that your body is ready. Once released, it’s important to start the Tracy Anderson Method as soon as possible, as the pregnancy hormone Relaxin, which triggers the body to expand, remains in your system for four to six months after your delivery. The hormone can be harnessed to help the body contract, so time is of the essence!

Not at all. The Tracy Anderson Method is appropriate for all body types, ages, and fitness levels. Ultimately, the most important thing is to start. The muscular structure work is generally resistance and mat-based, and the dance cardio can be tempered to lower the impact.

In our studios, The Prescription Team will perform a body assessment and consultation to create the perfect plan for your body shape and ability.

The Tracy Anderson Method is designed to provide all the exercise that your body needs. If you’re passionate about a certain type of external program, please share it with The Prescription Team during your body assessment. That said, many types of cardio can be counterproductive to the design-work you’re creating with the Tracy Anderson Method.

No, consistency is key when you’re asking your body to create balance where there is imbalance. In addition, continuing to move through the workouts despite soreness will help your muscles release some of the toxins that are creating the soreness in the first place.

Private Training

Please contact your nearest Tracy Anderson studio to learn more about Private Training. Private Training sessions can be done either in-studio or at your home. You do not need to have a studio membership plan to book Private Training sessions.

Yes, Tracy leads classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels in the TA Online Studio every week.


Tracy is not available for Private Training sessions in the studio, however she is intimately involved with the custom prescription of every client. Tracy and her Prescription Team take all of the Tracy Anderson trainers through an extensive program to ensure that they are prepared to work with any client at any level. In addition, Tracy creates all of the exercises and routines that are offered in every class, in every Custom Program, and in every Private Training session. When her schedule allows, Tracy teaches Master Classes at the studios. All studio members are invited to participate in these group sessions. She also hosts ViTAlity Weeks in cities across the globe, which are open to studio members and non-members, alike.

No. In fact, there are many trainers around the world who pose as Tracy Anderson Method instructors, but are not part of the company. Only trainers currently employed by Tracy Anderson are approved to teach the Method. That said, we can send a Tracy Anderson trainer to another state or country for Private Training. You can contact any Tracy Anderson studio to book this service.

Online Streaming - BILLING & PURCHASES

Please contact us to cancel at anytime.

Note that your subscription is an auto-renew subscription unless you cancel before the expiration date. If you have already cancelled and would like to renew, simply purchase the new desired subscription or contact us.

We’re happy to do this for you. Please contact us at any time.

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  1. Try viewing the video at lower resolution. The gear icon in the lower right side of the player window allows you to choose auto and a variety of quality levels. Usually “auto” will be your best setting, but you can manually set it to something lower, e.g., 360p being the lowest. You can visit this websitefor more detail on playback quality and buffering.
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  8. Try playing another Tracy Anderson video to see if playback is a problem.

Maybe! Here are some suggestions to try:

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Please contact us and include answers to these questions:

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  8. Check your internet speed by going to click the button “test download speed.” Afterward, (a) go to the “share this result” tab, (b) push the “result url” button, and (c) cut and paste the url and send back to us.
  9. Which of the suggestions in the other FAQ have you tried (e.g., clearing browser cache, trying a wired connection, etc.)?

Online Store

If you would like to speak with a customer service representative in regards to DVD products, apparel and equipment, ViTAlity events, or digital DVD downloads, please call 866-518-6138, Monday–Friday, 8:00 am –8:00 pm EST or email Please note that this is not the appropriate contact for Online Studio or PER4MANCE Program subscriptions.

For questions regarding Online Programs, please contact customer service at

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