Four effective and fun disciplines to lose weight in a healthy way

By May 7, 2019Press

6 May 2019


Four effective and fun disciplines to lose weight in a healthy way


Nothing of miracle diets (punishment for our health and for our figure for its ‘rebound effect’), nor of palizones without control in the gym (source of injuries and frustration). If, really, you need to lose some weight or want to keep yourself as you are, the best thing to do is to get hooked once and for all to the sport. Here are four options with which, in addition to get fit and burn calories to the beast, you will have fun, one of the most important factors to achieve physical activity incorporate day to day.



It is the hiit (high intensity intervalial training), an ideal cocktail of cardio and toning that accelerates the metabolic system, promoting the burning of calories even 24 hours after finishing the training. During the 55-minute session, non-contact boxing combined with high-intensity functional training exercises is practiced. The injection of endorphins is brutal!


The coach of superstars like Gwyneth Paltrow or Alessandra Ambrosio chose Madrid as the venue for her first studio outside the United States and, despite the fact that the price of her sessions is not exactly cheap, she is devastating the impressive results of her method, a combination of fitness and ballet. Their trainers, a spectacular cast of dancers, give sessions as hard as effective at 35 degrees with 75% humidity. Results? In addition to promoting the burning of calories, work with weights and ballasts sculpt arms and buttocks to the beast.


Created by Gabi Walters in the United States, it is an explosive combination of Pilates soil and tabata, which began to be taught in Spain, at Bikram Yoga Center (Madrid), by Roberto Cela. The classes, one hour long, are given in a room at 35 degrees with 40% humidity. The exercises (bridges, squats, plates, push-ups, squats, etc.) are done in short series of 20 seconds, with the aim of making the maximum number of repetitions. The heat and humidity, by enhancing sweating, stimulate the metabolism, promote detoxification, sculpt the figure, improve circulation and increase flexibility.


Fitness, mental well-being and pure adrenaline come together in a discipline coming from Mexico. During the 45 minutes of the session, the ‘riders’ (so-called disciples) roll on static bicycles in dimly lit rooms where the best disco music sounds. What is achieved? In addition to a great cardiovascular work without impact to the joints (which promotes the burning of calories during and after the routine), it helps to tone arms, abdomen and legs.