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GWYNETH PALTROW is many things – an Oscar winner, founder of the GOOP empire, and the lead fan girl of fitness guru, Tracy Anderson’s many celebrity devotees.

Tracy has helped shape some of the best bodies in Hollywood, as well as most of the best mere mortal bodies we know here in LA. Her signature dance-inspired method is shaped by two decades of scientific research about the female physique.

The Tracy Anderson Method is all about working small muscle groups through repetitive high-rep movements. The classes at her studios in Manhattan, the Hamptons, Los Angeles, and online through her streaming sessions, change every week to keep bringing results and avoid hitting plateaus.

Tracy and Gwyneth started working together after Gwyneth gave birth to her second child, Moses, in 2006 and was struggling to lose 20-pounds of baby weight. After one session with Tracy, Gwyneth was hooked.

During our recent interview with Tracy, she share with us the story of Gwyneth’s results. “Years ago when Gwyneth Paltrow first started with me she lost 11 inches in her body after the first 10 sessions. She did it 10 days in a row and that was the result of it. You can actually see significant difference in how your body looks and feels after a full 10 days.”

Stunned by the results, Gwyneth hired Tracy as her personal trainer and eventually the pair went into business together promoting Tracy’s magic methods to the world. While weight loss is a natural byproduct of the work, the motivation is more about being healthy, strong and balanced in a sustainable way — to feel like we’re tapping into our best inner and outer selves.

Want to get in on The Tracy Anderson Method hype? Get to know Tracy by rifling through her gym bag essentials here. Try her streaming service here or snag a few DVDs here for an easy-access home workout. Not sold on the streaming idea? Discover what Tracy has to say about its benefits here.

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