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Lisa Downes is from Johns Creek, GA – find and follow her on Instagram here: @lisanicolestamlife

Tracy Anderson Method

I was first introduced to the Tracy Anderson Method by my best friend Yaslin (@yas_morelli) about 10 years ago. I remember sitting on her couch, watching her do Tracy’s different videos, such as Metamorphosis and The Pregnancy Project. However, I never really participated and when I did, I would find myself sitting back down on her couch to watch her again! Years went by and I did other things for exercise, such as spin classes and walking. Spinning was one of my favorite things to do at the time, and I would typically stay for two-hour-long classes if I really liked the instructor. Even though I felt absolutely exhausted most of the time, I thought I was in the best shape of my life. 

My Story

About two years ago before I turned 40, I decided to try the Method. I did it on and off for a little while but wasn’t serious about it at all. I wasn’t seeing any results, but I also wasn’t putting in the work; that was 100 percent on me. I really got serious about a year ago, after a 40th-birthday trip with my best friends. I came home and looked at pictures of myself and thought, “Wow, you really must do something.” I wasn’t happy with what I saw at all. From that moment forward, I told myself I would perform the Method consistently, and I began with sTArt. Today, I find myself hopping back and forth between sTArt and fundamenTAl (although I know that if I stuck with fundamenTAl more often, I would probably stay in that lane). I also like to include some type of Dance Cardio, especially when I do sTArt, so I give myself that extra calorie burn. I just have to say, I love all the instructors, but one of my favorite DC trainers is LaShonna Holloway

Mind, Body, and Soul

Since I’ve been doing TAM, I have so much more confidence and feel so much better, both physically and mentally. I live with type 1 diabetes, and this program has also helped me keep my glucose levels in check. Prior to practicing the Method consistently, my blood sugars were all out of whack. Tracy’s talks and nutrition tips have allowed me to improve my eating habits, which has resulted in less insulin intake. Yay! In terms of body changes, I’m my own worst critic, but I can’t deny how I’ve noticed my body changing right before my eyes! What has helped me tremendously is the #TAmily community on Instagram. I love posting my workouts as much as I can. Posting serves as my workout diary, makes me feel accountable, and I’m able to see my progress. I love being part of the community as everyone is super supportive; they give kudos as well as positive and constructive feedback when you need it. Today, I’m proud to share that I have lost 20 pounds! I’m petite (about 4 foot, 10 inches), so any weight gain is harder to hide. I was at my heaviest prior to TAM, so I’m grateful for having Tracy in my life! TAM has also brought my best friend and I closer, allowing us to motivate each other and share our journeys from afar.

Tracy Anderson is amazing. Every week I say to myself, “How does she do it?” This beautiful and talented woman really knows what she’s doing! I could go on and on about her! Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to share a little about myself and how the Method has worked for me.

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