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12 April 2019




carmen jordans



The motorsport driver and member of the FIA’s Women in Motorsport commission tells us that she trains with the Tracy Anderson method, follows the macrobiotic diet, and the exercise she hates the most is running.


Carmen Jordá is a leader in the world of sports, specifically motor racing, motor racing, where besides being a pilot, she is a member of the Women in Motorsport commission of the FIA . In fact, in this interview with Deporte y Vida she talks about the #metoo effect that has been experienced in movies and fashion.

Sportsman with an energy that needs to channel, tells us how she trains ,hates running, if she could change sports in a moment and with the same skills, she would have liked to be a tennis player or a dancer. But what is clear is what I would tell a group of children to show them their sport, the negative part so that they are strong and prepared.

With a very complete agenda, took a few minutes to chat with us on the occasion of the PassionTech / BMW Days , the appointment that brought together figures such as Mario Mola, DJ Nano, Ivan Ferreiro … who have excelled in the world of technology from different prisms, along with characters from very different areas but with a common denominator, passion as the engine of his life , come together in this event that aims to open a global debate about the unstoppable advance of artificial intelligence (AI).

How do you experience a race from within, from an F1, and from outside, the box, or from TV?

In very different ways, when you are at the wheel things look different because you are concentrated and you have the pressure that everything has to go well. In the box you are analyzing all the data with the equipment and from the TV it is obviously in the form that you have less pressure but also where you have more time to analyze what is happening.

That passion that is put in the work, does it apply also your day to day?

Always, I consider myself a very dedicated and disciplined person because of the passion and ambition that I put into everything I set out to do.

When it comes to taking care of yourself, what sports do you practice?

I practice the Tracy Anderson method, since it gives me a combination of strength and endurance that adapts very well to what I look for when I want to train hard. I also like to practice boxing a lot.

Do you go to the gym a lot?

Quite often, I have a lot of energy and I need it almost daily.

What is your most hated exercise?

Running. I have never been a fan and I have always preferred other alternatives when I had to do cardio.

If doing a ‘click’ could change the sport, and be as good as yours, what would you do?

Tennis player or dancer Definitely none that was dominated by men and a sport that women have the same opportunities as a man.

We talk a lot about the diet of elite athletes, how do you take care in this regard?

I have been following the macrobiotic diet for several years when I discovered it at the SHA Wellness clinic, one of the best centers to train your body and mind and where I also learned to eat well and in a way that my body feels it in the long term.

If you had a group of boys and girls in front of you, how would you tell them that your sport is the best profession in the world?

Well, I would also tell you the difficult parts so that you are aware that you will have to be strong and disciplined to be in a sport and with the best profession in the world.

Is the example, showing different sports, athletes, etc … the best way to teach a sport to the little ones so they have more options?

Of course! I believe that the references for children that begin to define themselves in their lives for those who like them the most are key to their orientation and that they can find their vocation more easily.

The cinema, fashion, have taken a step to denounce situations of harassment towards women, in the sports world there is no, do not count, or even the presence of women is so small that there is no one to talk about this issue?

I believe that the initiative to denounce these situations should serve as an example to improve our situation as women and equalize it in terms of opportunities.

Where can we see Carmen Jordá in the coming months?

I really want to be able to announce my next championship in which I will be competing but I still can not talk about it, although I hope very soon.