Introducing one of Tracy’s favorite finds: Thrive Market

Introducing one of Tracy’s favorite finds: Thrive Market
May 12, 2015 Aja Johnson

It’s hard to keep up these days. I’m a full-time professional and an over-time mom. That means juggling meetings, appointments, and oh don’t forget the school play—all in one afternoon. Texting, emailing, and the world of information at your fingertips promised to make life easier. But life is a whole lot faster now too, and our time and attention is tugged in a thousand different directions at once.

Maybe our cultural want for instant gratification is a way of keeping pace with the times, but instant gratification—especially in the form of fast food—is never the answer. We need time to monitor our diet, cultivate our tastes, prepare our meals. It’s a little disconcerting to think of the meal we’re cooking in our very own kitchens as fast food, but a look behind the scenes shows that it’s not too far off: we unfortunately live in a world of processed foods. They are unnatural, subtly toxic, and essentially a large-scale way of accelerating the bottom line for its manufacturers. Plus, that cucumber injected with growth hormones? Yep, it’s been Super-Sized.

This stuff hits home for me. I have a teenager and a toddler, each with a different set of food sensitivities. It was vital that I start cooking with organic and natural products to keep my kids healthy and full of energy.

I hope organic, grass fed, or all natural aren’t merely buzzwords to you. Those labels mean something. It’s important what we nourish our bodies with. I understand how expensive and hard to find an all organic diet can be, which is why I’d like to introduce you to Thrive Market. They deliver certified organic and natural products right to your front door at affordable prices. Their ingenious business model allows them to pass savings right to their members. It’s quick, easy, and affordable—this is the type of fast food paradigm I can get behind!

Instead of the word lifestyle, let’s think of our actions as being life-giving. Everything we put in our bodies affects our system and our health. We are how we move. We are how we eat. We are how we treat ourselves.

Loving each of you,


I know how hard you all work to create a body that feels strong, balanced, and healthy. But it’s a mistake to think the only thing that matters is the time you put in at the studio or at the gym. The food you’re putting into your body absolutely matters when it comes to building a lean, powerful you.

But I hear it again and again—so many of you are striving to look and feel their best, but feel discouraged by the price tag on wholesome, healthy foods.

I’ve found an incredible alternative—an online store that offers 4,000 of the top food, supplements, home, personal care, and beauty products, all at 25-50 percent below retail prices.

This is a game-changer. Whether you’re searching for powerhouse green powders for pre-workout snacks or organic, GMO-free pantry staples that keep you going throughout the day, it’s a good bet you’ll find it at Thrive Market—all at a massive discount from traditional retail stores.

How can they do this? The discounts come from the power of group buying, just like a co-op. For less than $5 a month ($59.95 annually), members get products at wholesale prices, without store overheads to drive up costs. With just a few orders, you’ve paid off the membership and start saving.

And as an exclusive for our community, they’ve created an amazing opportunity to win a $500 shopping spree, so you can stock up on everything from healthy snacks to green home products at Thrive Market. One grand-prize winner will walk away with a free 1-year membership and $500 to spend at Thrive Market. Click here to qualify for the trial membership and enter for the shopping spree.

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