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Meghan Markle’s powerful exercise routine

Meghan Markle’s powerful exercise routine


We reveal the effective methods that Prince Harry’s future wife uses to tone her body.


At 36, Meghan Markle stands out with her figure in the world of Hollywood and also in that of royalty !

Her flat abdomen and toned arms are two of the main bodyattributes of impact that Meghan has shown , both in the sexy scenes of ‘Suits’ and in the elegant outfits she has recently worn!

That’s why we share the powerful and effective exercise routine of Meghan Markle so you can wear a spectacular body this year. Ready to start?

This proves that Meghan Markle does have real blood!

Definitely, the main secret of the former actress to keep a sexy figure is to do hot yoga almost every day!

This technique involves practicing yoga positions at high temperatures (in a very hot room) so that the body can eliminate a large number of calories in a short time.

One of the reasons why this celeb is a fan of this technique is because his mom is a yoga instructor and explained the benefits of practicing it since Meghan was a teenager.

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As a complement to her exercise routine , Meghan Markle also practices a type of Pilates called ‘Platinum’ , wherecardiovascular training plays a key role.

Contrary to what you might be imagining, the future royal does not like to go to the gym but to exercise at home!

Therefore, the model also follow exercise routines videos of famous coaches of celebs like Tracy Anderson (who has been instructor Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow ).

” I’ve been doing them for 6 years and I feel the results are incredible, I can do 15 minutes in my trailer during the recordings,” confessed Meghan Markle.

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