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Kurinne Sohan is from Long Island, NY – find and follow her on Instagram here: @destinationbody

Tracy Anderson Method

I found Tracy Anderson like so many others by watching late-night TV. I saw her commercial for Metamorphosis and immediately purchased the DVD. Unfortunately, I never committed consistently to do the exercise and eventually put it aside.

My Story

After the birth of my third child in 2013, no matter what exercise I did the weight would not come off. In fact, in 2015 l still looked pregnant and kept gaining weight. I was constantly hearing how amazing Gwyneth Paltrow’s and Jennifer Lopez’s bodies looked, and it was because of their trainer Tracy Anderson. Right then and there I knew I had to really give myself the opportunity to commit to doing the exercises of the Method. In the beginning of January 2018 I purchased The Method for Beginners DVD. I quickly fell in love with the Method and I purchased additional Tracy Anderson DVDs.

Mind, Body, and Soul

I began to feel stronger physically and focused mentally. Every time I went on Instagram I looked for more followers of the Method, and all the participants were so happy with their results and raved about how great it made them feel. On Instagram, Tracy offered a two-week free trial to stream online. I jumped at the chance to try it. I never regretted that decision. Now I am devoted and consistently do Fundamental five to six days a week. I’m so happy I found this community. It’s filled with people who give positive encouragement and uplift one another.

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