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Mariam Parineh is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – find and follow here on Instagram here: @tamalaysia

My Story

I’m 43 years old, Iranian born, California raised, and current resident of Malaysia for the past 19 yrs.


My first transformation with Tracy happened with my first Tracy Anderson DVDs in 2008. Tracy said for best results do the program four to six times a week. So I did six. Everything she promised happened, and she never promised it would be easy. Within a month, I dropped 16 pounds from doing the two DVDs. I saw my body lean-out all over.

And then I got pregnant with twins and gained 77 pounds and fell off the face of the planet. When I came out of what I call “twin fog” in 2015, after trying trainers and circuits, I managed to lose some weight but my body was way different—rolls of twin skin, shrunken boobs, back pain from pregnancy. I knew I needed more than weight loss. Enter TRACY! I had completely forgotten about the fairy ninja genius from what felt like my previous life. I popped online, joined a Facebook group, and updated myself on all things Tracy. I found out she had come out with the Metamorphosis project, a ton of other DVDs, had a baby and created a pregnancy series! I dove into Metamorphosis (90 days) and BOOM, my second transformation happened within two weeks of following the program. I shed every pound I had gained and my body changed even more drastically. My back pain was gone, my bum had form, my back and waist fat cinched in, and I started getting TA signature ab lines. Finally, I pulled the trigger and opened a TAM Instagram account in my last month of Meta and I got hooked following #TAmily on IG. While I ordered the entire Continuity bundle—because by now I was an official Tracy Anderson content hoarder and I wanted all of it—and I appreciated the education of the Method via Meta, alas the streaming FOMO was just too much. I felt it was time to join the team. This had been the missing link for me.


There is a truth about who I am and why I cannot survive a day without this method. I am a bit of an “everything has to be efficient and right and with a strategy” kind of person. I’ve applied this to most everything in my life, but I wasn’t even aware there could be a strategy to fitness. Meta taught me how powerful Tracy’s strategy in sequencing was. How engaged my mind had to be in order to hit the movements she was asking of my body. It was nothing short of extraordinary, how her methodology changed my body, how precise and accurate she was in telling me what was going to change and how.

The Online Studio has taken everything to a completely different level for me. The definition in my body is incredible, the way my twin skin has pulled in (which I still don’t completely believe), but it’s 100 percent a brain game for me now. Both my body and mind are here to play, and I am as addicted to streaming as my 8-year-old son is to Zelda on his Switch. I use my mind exhaustively in my work and home life daily. My brain is so incredibly engaged through the one-hour class that I can’t possibly mentally process anything else. After class, I know there is nothing I can’t handle. And aside from being in the best shape of my life at 43, I actually feel myself getting sharper mentally.


Inside of Mariam's #tamcave workout space

The #tamily is such a huge part of her life and motivation that in 2015, while building her home, Mariam had #tamily graffiti-ed on the inside home gym.

The last and dearest component of this method for me is the #TAmily. This community is completely responsible for the shift in my adult emotional well-being. Like many of us, I’ve had interesting life challenges and somewhere between adjusting to a new country, marriage, and motherhood, a part of me got lost, dimmed. The TAmily changed that. The instant I opened a private TAM IG account, I found support from like-minded people. From my first post (of just my shoes) and the hashtag #tracyandersonmethod, I received encouragement from people I didn’t know. I started to feel I had a small place that was full of women just like me. The TAmily  supported one another, showed their best selves, showed their most vulnerable selves, and showed up daily. It was EVERYTHING MY SOUL NEEDED. That was almost five years ago. I was lucky enough in 2016 to attend my first Vitality Week in Las Vegas, where I got to meet Tracy and connect with the TAmily that I had been communicating with on IG for more than a year. And it confirmed everything I believed. Tracy is BEYOND (talented, generous, and grounded), and the TAmily are AMAZING! We workout daily, post daily, connect DAILY from all over the world. Within the TAmily, you find ladies you sync with instantly, ones you admire fiercely, and ones you can’t help but wake up and go to their page to cheer them on because that was once you. I’m blessed to be able to travel, and for the past four years, wherever I’d go, I’d look up TAmily. I have had the privilege of meeting and working out with more than 200 TAmily in over 16 different countries. I have met the most incredible women around the world, and I am proud to call many of them dear friends. You ladies and T are EVERYTHING TO ME. You support me and celebrate me for just being myself. I will always be grateful. Sometimes you get stuck in your life and might feel like you can’t find your people. I promise you that they are waiting for you in the TAmily. You just have to reach out and find them.

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Written By:
Sierra Asplundh