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According to Olivia Palermo’s Trainer, Chocolate is the Healthiest Snack

Tracy Anderson says that eating this sweet is not at odds with staying in shape and to always carry it in your bag.

Olivia Palermo , Gwyneth Paltrow, Alessandra Ambrosio … the list of celebrities who keep fit with Tracy Anderson seems more than enough proof that their method works. Gwyneth has been training with her for 13 years and is revolutionizing the networks every time she uploads a bikini photo; at 38 , Alessandra is still considered one of the most spectacular supermodels on the catwalk; and Olivia, meanwhile, keeps her slim figure thanks to practicing Anderson’s program every morning . Therefore, when in a recent interview the expert has revealed that  the healthy snack that always carries in the bag is chocolate, there is no doubt that sweet is compatible with having a toned body.




Recently, Anderson recommended the publication Brit organic chocolate as a healthy snack to calm the appetite throughout the day: “Because chocolate can make a woman happy under any circumstances.” In fact, this food increases welfare levels thanks to its content in tryptophan, a protein that helps synthesize serotonin, also known as ‘happiness hormone’.

“Half of this snack is going to be transferred to the brain, it will make you happier, it will relax you, and it’s just pure chocolate, so your body will transform it sooner and better in energy than other types of foods” , says the coach. Many experts agree with Tracy, and with the importance of choosing the purest varieties of cocoa to take advantage of its benefits. In addition to improving mood, chocolate is also known for its antioxidant action that prevents premature aging of tissues, and for its ability to reduce levels of LDL or cholesterol known as bad.




Of course, the dose of chocolate to be taken and the times that should be taken a week are very important to not notice the side effects of abusing this food, the increase in the number of calories a day. But if you reduce the consumption of cocoa to three days a week and only take two or three ounces each of them, this should not worry you.

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