Tracy Anderson has created a completely original exercise program that connects the body and mind by targeting over 400 muscles instead of the typical 200 that most men use during their workouts. While many men target the large muscle groups through isolation exercises that overbuild those muscles and create imbalance in the body, Tracy Anderson’s Method is an anti-aging functional training exercise program that re-engineers the muscles to work together and connect to the brain. This results in neuroplasticity—new connections that form in the brain-—which make the brain stronger and younger. Meanwhile, men will build balanced strength and increase striation in their muscles.


Though we tailor the work to have a more masculine approach, most of our men find that the Method actually helps them build flexibility and lengthen their muscles. Because the Method intends to build balance within the body, most men find the program continually challenging, as it goes against the traditional aspects of fitness where men typically excel. Because they are stronger in the larger muscle groups, we fatigue those muscles first before we engage the secondary muscles.

Men are built very differently than women and generally have a lot less flexibility and range of motion. For men in the studio we use heavier weights: 5 lb up to 10 lb hand weights. We also do more agility work with the bands to engage the upper body (pecs, traps, deltoids, biceps, and triceps).