For more than 15 years, Tracy Anderson has been transforming the bodies of thousands of women who come from dramatically different genetic backgrounds, but have a few resounding things in common: They want an exercise program that’s a lifestyle rather than a trend, they want consistent and ever-evolving results, and they want to feel strong, lean, and like they are the best version of themselves.


Unlike other exercise programs that target the major muscle groups, the Tracy Anderson Method focuses instead on the accessory muscles. With the former, women tend to build bulk, and then they invariably plateau finding that they cannot continue to change their bodies. The Tracy Anderson Method is different, though, as it’s consistently challenging: The routines change every 10 days—whether you’re doing the workout in a studio, or in front of your own TV, ensuring that your accessory muscles never get bored.


Tracy has done extensive work with pregnant and post-partum clients, ensuring that they were able to get their bodies back—and workout throughout their pregnancy in a safe and effective way.


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