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Having a baby is an incredible physical feat, yet it can often leave us feeling completely disconnected from our bodies. In the months after the baby arrives, it’s so important to reconnect our bodies and minds, and begin to rebuild core strength.

Depending on the type of birth, it’s usually appropriate to begin exercise after either six or eight weeks. However, your doctor must release you to exercise first, as your abdominal wall can separate during labor. Once your doctor gives you the go ahead to begin, this is an incredibly gentle and effective way to begin to work your way back to your pre-baby shape. In fact, it will lead you to a better and stronger version. This is in part thanks to the pregnancy hormone Relaxin, which triggers the body to expand. It remains in your system for four to six months after delivery, and can be harnessed to help the body contract. Time is of the essence!

The Post-Pregnancy Program is also a great option for those who are looking for a very gentle workout and would like to build strength before starting Metamorphosis.

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