Secrets of an A-List Body: This week, how to get Jennifer Lopez’s abs

By July 27, 2018Press

27 July 2018

She is, of course, one of Hollywood’s most age-defying women.

To prove it, Jennifer Lopez showed off her phenomenal abdominal muscles when she went out for dinner in Hollywood recently.

Showcasing a generous cleavage and pinched waist, she also turned heads with her impressive abs.

The 49-year-old singer works out daily and is a fan of the Tracy Anderson method — fast-moving dance cardio and high repetition with light weights.

‘I’m 100 per cent convinced working out is part of what makes me so happy,’ she’s said. ‘Dance has always been a huge part of my life.’

But how does she do it? Here’s how you can replicate her truly banging body.

WHAT TO TRY: The two-way crunch is an excellent ab-toner. Lie on your back on the floor. Raise your legs and bend your knees so that your calf muscles are at right angles to the floor.

Lift your arms in the air so that hands point towards the ceiling. Extend your right leg out in front of the body, then return to the bent-legged start position.

Repeat with the left. Bend sideways to touch the outside of your right foot and then return to start position before doing the same to touch the outside of your left foot. Return to start position.

Repeat the sequence eight times. Do three sets.

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