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PURE Juicer is a true cold-press two-stage, cold-pressed juicer designed for people seeking a more vibrant and healthy life. Our powerful 8-blade cutter extracts the highest yields of juice and enzymes, making juicing even the hardest vegetables a snap. At the same time, our patented feed tube prevents the familiar mess of other juicers. 

PURE Juicer, crafted in stainless steel, is the highest-quality juicer on the market — trusted by Tracy Anderson and a growing community who juice regularly and want the highest yields and the most effortless operation. 

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  • A PURE Juicer tote bag
  • A PURE Juicer apron
  • A PURE Juicer lift kit
  • First edition: Periodic Table of Juicing

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  • Hydraulic two-stage press with 2.5 tons of pressure
  • Food-grade stainless-steel parts that are dishwasher safe
  • A patented twist-and-lock feed tube
  • Powerful 8-blade cutter for fast grinding and low oxidation
  • 12-year residential warranty / 2-year commercial warranty


  • The highest yield of any juicer (up to 82%) with optimal enzyme interaction
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe parts
  • Low oxidation and high nutritional value
  • Multiple grids for fruits, veggies, even nut butter, and baby food

Below are the detailed features of the PURE Juicer:

  • All food-contact parts are food-grade stainless steel
  • Patented twist-and-lock feed tube attachment allows for effortless one-hand installation and removal. The offset design minimizes any spray back.
  • The serrated tooth cutter is so strong; it may never need sharpening. It is made from hardened stainless steel.* 
  • A multi-function stainless-steel Grid Tray is used it hold grids, hang press bags, or use it as a cutter removal tool
  • Custom grids and grid tray are smooth-sided and optimized for the greatest throughput of produce, making them perfect for juicing, making baby food, frozen treats, nut butter, and more
  • Curved food-safe ABS pusher designed to push all the produce through the PURE offset feed tube while keeping the pulp cool to maximize enzyme activity
  • Stainless steel juice tray is designed with sloped gutters and a formed spout to dispense  juice without overflowing
  • Stainless steel press plate is made in one solid piece making it easy-to-remove, clean, and dishwasher-safe
  • PURE’s brushed stainless steel exterior is beautiful to look at and practical, as it makes clean-up a breeze with no seams, screws, or inside corners to catch food or snag on your cleaning cloth
  • Silicone rubber bowl bumper is right where it needs to be, on the front of the PURE Juicer protecting its beauty by preventing your bowls from scuffing its brushed steel front
  • 54-page full-color owner’s manual with everything you need to know to assemble and operate your new PURE Juicer

Included with each PURE Juicer, Tracy Anderson Package:

  • The PURE Juicer with brushed stainless exterior
  • Deluxe hardened serrated stainless steel cutter
  • Stainless steel offset feed tube
  • Mirror-polished stainless steel feed pan
  • Stainless steel grid tray 
  • Stainless steel grids in eight sizes: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 & 12mm
  • Curved food-grade ABS pusher
  • Stainless steel press plate with retainers
  • Stainless steel juice tray
  • PURE press cloths – 6pc 
  • PURE press bags – 4pc  
  • Press cloth liner – 1 roll (100pc) 
  • Cutter removal sleeve
  • Feed tube o-rings – 3pc 
  • Motor shaft o-rings – 3pc 
  • Allen wrenches – 2.5mm and 3mm 
  • 3 pin USA power cord – 0.8 meter. IEC / NEMA 15-5, INTL plugs available**
  • 54-page full owner’s manual 

Please also check with your local tax authority for other possible import restrictions. Some countries require import licenses, have weight restrictions based on weight, value, etc.

Important: you are responsible for payment of any import duties or taxes if the juicer is shipped to an international destination. The PURE Juicer is shipped under Harmonized Code 8509.4030.

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*Hardened stainless steel cutters rarely or may never need sharpening. Click here for more info 

**For international use, select the voltage (120v or 230v) and we will include the correct power cord (Type I, G, F, or O) for your country.