Super Class with Tracy | 05.09.2020 Video Rental


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If you were unable to join Tracy’s latest virtual live class, or wish to follow the content again, now is your chance! Designed to enhance your results and boost your metabolism, this 2-hour workout experience led by Tracy includes strategic mat work. Throughout each Super Class, participants will engage their total body while using a range of equipment and at-home apparatuses including: a chair, broomstick, hand weights, and ankle weights. All fitness levels, regardless of prior knowledge of the Tracy Anderson Method, are welcome.

Super Class begins with a TA trainer breakdown session of the content, followed by the full class with Tracy.

Important: Once purchased, this video RENTAL is available for unlimited viewing until Wednesday, November 25, 2020 at 12:00 PM EST. You will not be able to view this rental after November 25, 2020.

Due to music laws, this video will not have music. You can find the original class playlist on the “Tracy Anderson” Spotify account here. The video includes a countdown to allow you to perfectly sync the music to the class.

If you are not familiar with Spotify, here are directions to access Tracy’s playlists:

  1. Click here or download the Spotify app from your App Store.
  2. Sign up for a free or premium membership.
  3. If you are on the Spotify App, search “Tracy Anderson”. If you are on the Spotify website, skip this step.
  4. Click on the green “follow” option. You will see the Live Class playlists, which are dated accordingly.
  5. On a different device, open the Super Class link and hit play. You will see a brief countdown video. On spotify, click “Play” at the end of the countdown to sync the music with the class.


Visit the “Digital DVD Library” page after you have logged in.