TA VIDEO STREAMING SUBSCRIPTION (6-Month Automatic Subscription)

TA VIDEO STREAMING SUBSCRIPTION (6-Month Automatic Subscription)

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Access: granted. Tracy Anderson is inviting you inside her state-of-the-art studios to experience the Tracy Anderson Method in an unprecedented way. Regardless of where you live, worldwide, you can begin your transformation with weekly real-time workout videos directly from Tracy, working out alongside her classroom clients.

Get real with Tracy. Find balance. And join us on this weekly journey towards achieving your most empowered self.

The next wave in fitness STARTS NOW.

$403.75 for initial 6 months. $403.75 will be charged every 6 months with our automatic payment option.

You may cancel anytime after the 6 month period by contacting Customer Service at (866) 518-6138.


Every Workout Wednesday, will include: An intro video from Tracy, the real in-class experience from that day, and a tutorial from the trainer that queued Tracy while she created the routine just for you!

PLEASE NOTE: During this first week, while Tracy wants this experience to be unedited and real with you, you will see the quality of the video stream improve.

We’re excited to get you moving with Tracy! You can actually get started today!

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