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Situated conveniently in the center of East Hampton, the newest Tracy Anderson studio offers a complete expression of the Tracy Anderson Method, including a full roster of muscular structure and dance cardio classes (for beginners and advanced clients, alike), Private Training, the Men’s Program, and a range of Tracy’s patented innovations, including the Iso-Kinetic Band System, and newly reinvented triple-calorie-burning floor. The two-story, 3,000 square feet of space features an advanced sound system, and two studio rooms that are kept at very specific temperature and humidity levels to facilitate the best results. In addition, the studio offers food and juices from the 3 Green Hearts organic culinary line.

Private Training is all-inclusive training, which means that it involves both muscular structure and cardio work. Private Training clients receive body assessments in New York City, and their program is tailored to their specific level and needs by The Prescription Team. In Private Training sessions, the trainers do the workout alongside the clients, motivating them every step of the way. Private Training sessions can be done either in studio or in a client’s home. While we can incorporate cardio and muscular structure work into a one-hour block, two-hour sessions can also be booked. You do not need to belong to a studio to book Private Training sessions at East Hampton.

The East Hampton location offers both membership and pay per class opportunities. Pricing for membership and private training services are available upon request.

What is Tracy’s background?

You can read more about Tracy and the creation of The Tracy Anderson Method here.

How do I sign up for classes and see the schedule?

You can see the full class schedule and book your spot online by clicking here and entering your account information. You can also always call the front desk and we’ll be happy to place your reservations for you.

What is the cancellation policy?

We require 24 hours of notice.

Where should I park?

East Hampton clients can park in the metered parking lot adjacent to the studio entrance. Parking in the community lot is available for strictly 2 hours.

Does this studio offer private training?

Private Training sessions can be done either in studio or in a client’s home. You do not need to have a membership plan at East Hampton to book private training sessions.

What’s the difference between Custom Program, Semi-Private, and Private Training?

Private Training is all-inclusive training, which means that it involves both muscular structure and cardio work. Private Training clients receive body assessments, and their program is tailored to their specific level and needs by The Prescription Team. In Private Training sessions, the trainers do the workout right alongside the clients, motivating them every step of the way. In a Semi-Private Training session, a trainer will work alongside two or more clients at the same time.

Custom denotes a custom muscular structure routine, which is dictated by a client’s specific body type and needs. The Custom Program prescription comes out of monthly body assessments by The Prescription Team and changes every 10 days. The custom program is executed in a semi-private environment; a shared space with trainers overseeing, correcting and instructing each client’s individual custom-designed workout plan.

Is it possible to pay per class rather than apply for a full-time membership?

Yes, pay per class options and class packages are available. Please visit the East Hampton class schedule for pricing, times and availabilities.

How big is an average class?

Class size varies depending on the day and type of workout, but generally range from 8 to 15 clients.

I have a membership at a Tracy Anderson studio: Do I get a discounted class rate at East Hampton?

Tribeca Members, Brentwood Members, and Method Max Members from Studio City all have access to unlimited classes in East Hampton. Other members can take advantage of class package discounts.

Are there locker rooms?

We don’t have shower facilities at the East Hampton location, however there are bathrooms clients use to change.

Does the Method work for men as well?

Yes, there are many men who do the Tracy Anderson Method—during your body assessment, The Prescription Team will create a Custom Program to meet your needs, or you can take a Men’s Program class. The Tracy Anderson Method is ideal for men who are looking to create more definition and visible striations in their muscles, and would like more balance in their muscular structure. In addition, The Tracy Anderson Method improves flexibility.

Is there a men’s locker room?

We don’t have shower facilities on site, however there is a bathroom that men use to change.

Why is the room so hot?

Our classrooms are heated to 86 degrees with 69 percent humidity. Working out in the heat and humidity provides a number of benefits: Sweat encourages the body to release toxins and improves skin elasticity and tone. The heat also keeps the muscles warm, ready to move, and malleable.

What should I wear to the studio?

As a studio client or guest, you will need to bring comfortable workout clothes, socks, and sneakers to wear during the workout. If you forget to pack a workout top or pair of leggings, you can shop a full range of apparel pieces located at reception.

I have a big life-event approaching (a sabbatical, a pregnancy, a long trip) which will take me away from the studio: Can I put my membership on hold?

We only do holds and freezes for medical reasons, or if you’re moving out of state to an area where there isn’t a Tracy Anderson facility. If you’ll be traveling, we can provide a travel prescription based on our DVD programs along with global real-time video streaming to maintain your connection to Tracy’s class content from in-studio.

I’m moving—can I transfer my membership from one location to another?

It depends on the studio and the tier of membership—some studios require initiations fees. Please call your home studio.

I’ll be traveling and would like to access another studio location: Is that possible?

Depending on your home studio and your membership level, yes. Call your home studio, and they can help you arrange.
Can I train with Tracy?
Tracy does not usually do personal training sessions, however she is intimately involved with the custom prescription of every client. Tracy and her Director of Training take all of the Tracy Anderson trainers through an extensive program to ensure that they are prepared to work with any client at any level. In addition, Tracy creates all the exercises and routines that are given in every class, in every Custom Program, and in every Private Training session. When her schedule allows, Tracy teaches master classes at the studios: All monthly members are invited to participate in these group sessions. She also hosts all viTAlity Weeks, which are open to members and non-members alike.

Can I do the Tracy Anderson Method while pregnant?

Yes, as long as you have a note from your doctor. We recommend that you meet with The Prescription Team whom will work with you throughout your pregnancy to customize the program for all nine months. Tracy also has The Pregnancy Project, a DVD series for in-home use that will take you through all nine months.

I just had a baby—when can I start doing the Tracy Anderson Method?

Depending on the type of birth, usually after either six or eight weeks. However, your doctor must release you to exercise first: Your abdominal wall can separate during labor, so you need to be checked to ensure that your body is ready. Once released, it’s important to start the Tracy Anderson Method as soon as possible, as the pregnancy hormone Relaxin, which triggers the body to expand, remains in your system for four to six months after your delivery. It can be harnessed to help the body contract, so time is of the essence!

I’m overweight—is the Tracy Anderson Method going to be too hard on my body?

No, it’s appropriate for all body types, ages, and fitness levels. Ultimately, the most important thing is to start. During your first body assessment and consultation The Prescription Team will create the perfect plan for your body shape and ability. The muscular structure work is generally resistance- and mat-based, and the dance cardio can be tempered to lower the impact.

I have bad knees and am worried that I won’t be able to perform the cardio—how high-impact is it?

There are multiple varieties of cardio, from straightforward dance cardio, to mini-trampoline routines, to Band Cardio, which is performed while holding onto Tracy’s patented Iso-Kinetic Band System. This dramatically minimizes impact and is quite friendly on the joints. During your initial body assessment and consultation, The Prescription Team will determine what is best for your individual needs.

I’ve heard Tracy talk about “pushing the fat to the surface.” What exactly does that mean?

The Tracy Anderson Method works deeply in our systems, pulling all of the muscles together. This can loosen fat that’s embedded deep in our bodies and move it to the surface, right beneath the skin. Once the fat starts making its way up, it’s easier to burn off with cardio.

I’ve heard Tracy talk about “keeping the flow.” Why is this so important?

The Tracy Anderson Method creates specific contractions in the body—maintaining continuity in your movement, or a smooth flow, keeps these contractions consistent and focused. As you get stronger, your form and endurance will improve and you’ll become much more adept at hitting the right angles and activating the targeted zones—all without stopping.

How many days should I be working out?

In an ideal world, you should do one hour of muscular structure work and one hour of cardio, six days a week. But we understand that life often gets in the way. You’ll find many hour-long multitask classes on the schedule, which include both cardio and muscular structure work: In addition, when clients can’t commit to a full two hours, they’ll often stay for half of the second class (i.e., the cardio half of a multitask class). During your body assessment and consultation The Prescription Team will help you prioritize your efforts if you’re facing a time constraint.

I’ve just started exercising again and I’m very sore—should I wait until I’m not sore to keep working out?

No, consistency is key when you’re asking your body to transform. In addition, continuing to move through the workouts despite soreness will help your muscles release some of the toxins that are creating the soreness in the first place.

Can I do other exercise programs while I do The Tracy Anderson Method?

The Tracy Anderson Method is designed to provide all the exercise an individual needs. If you’re passionate about a certain type of exercise, bring it up during your body assessment—that said, many types of cardio can be counter productive to the work you’re undertaking with the Tracy Anderson Method.

How frequently do the routines change? Will I get bored?

Never. The Tracy Anderson Method revolves around empowering and firing the accessory muscles, rather than over-charging the large muscle groups. Because these little guys get strong—and bored—fast, the muscular structure work changes every 10 days to keep your body consistently challenged. You will find that while you’ll get stronger and fitter, the Method will never feel easy, which is why no client ever plateaus. The routines also change every 10 days because your mind gets bored quickly: Transformation requires that you stay focused and connected to what your body is doing. When the mind strays or goes on auto-pilot, the results diminish. Many of the muscular structure moves require an intense amount of concentration.

Are there Tracy Anderson Method trainers outside of London, and the cities where there are studios?

No. In fact, there are many trainers around the world who pose as Tracy Anderson Method instructors but are not part of the company. Only trainers currently employed by Tracy Anderson are approved to teach the Method. That said, we can send a Tracy Anderson trainer to another state or country for private training. You can contact any of the Tracy Anderson studios to book this service.

Are Tracy’s products for sale at the studio?

Yes, clients can shop a full range of Tracy Anderson Method DVDsapparel pieces and nutritional supplements such as The Nutrient Program by Tracy Anderson, and Tracy’s wellness shakes. In addition, the East Hampton studio carries a wide selection of curated brands in the active, leisure and swim wear categories, as well as skin care and accessories.

I’m having an issue with my DVDs or a shipment from the site—who can help?

Please contact customer service at Tracy@CustomerStatus.com. Our studios are not equipped to handle these types of customer service queries.

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