The biceps is the new cleavage: thanks Jennifer Lopez

By September 27, 2018Press

27 September 2018

The latest viral photo of JLo has much more message than you imagine. She herself, while doing it, declared herself to be “superwoman”. The toned arms begin to collect flashes on the red carpet: there you have Jessica Biel, Hilary Swank or our queen Letizia … The rules of the game have changed and, now, the muscle is considered very sexy.

Ensures that he promised to finish the tour “in the best way of his life” and, for this, has not missed any training.

For this, he remains faithful to the work routines of his personal trainer, Tracy Anderson . According to People in 2016, after warming up the upper part, we work two songs without weights and then add weights of 3 pounds (approximately one and a half kilograms) or 5 (two and a half kilograms). You dare? Here is the part of the arms:

We only have to know when Marvel will give JLo the starring role in his latest superhero movie.

Tracy is in Spain

After devastating for years in the United States, his method has just landed in Spain, specifically in Madrid. We speak with the ‘culprit’ of bodies (and butts) as well known as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez or Alessandra Ambrosio. And, best of all, we bring you an exercise routine that you have created exclusively for WH, with which you will get a butt and firm legs.

Checkout the whole workout here.