The healthiest neighborhood in Spain

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15 January 2019


‘Salesas healthy’, the healthiest neighborhood in Spain


Burgers and industrial pastries are not welcome. © Unplash.


  • Welcome to the Madrid square where everything is healthy food and gyms in which to put on pibón.

  •  With the Lamarca Building as the epicenter of healthy habits, a few square meters concentrate the Ohanasana and Roots restaurants and the fitness centers Tracy Anderson, Clandestin and Síclo.

  •  Wellness and luxury had never been so close.

There is a concentrated area in Madrid where refined sugar and palm oil compete for the prize of Satan of the 21st Century. Where conversations are peppered with phrases like “shape the buttocks,  ” “low in carbohydrates and calories,” “pass me the superfood you have there” and “we go up with that cardiovascular system.” In this corner of the capital is forbidden to see with a chocolate cup XXL size and eye as you get caught with some sneakers that Virgil Abloh has not designed.

We talk about the Las Salesas neighborhood, in the center of the city. That, in addition to nourishing design stores, bakeries cuquis, clothing establishments of good taste and a church in which half Madrid wants to marry because its stairway is fetén as a catwalk, has been great in healthy matter .

The symptoms of this drift towards health are found in Barquillo Street , where Ohanasana restaurant has been installed , which in Hawaiian means “healthy family”. I do not know if the translation tells you something. The idea of ​​this new space is to avoid ultra-processed carbohydrates and sugars in the meals they serve, as well as creating a community in which people who claim that the modern food industry poisons us meet.


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Here only fresh ingredients come in, as well as reiki workshops, “positive psychology”, mindfulness , music therapy and everything that serves to provide good vibes. What they do not offer is food in Spanish, because their menu contains well smoothies, smoothiebowls, pokebowls and bowls. This is, fruit smoothies, creams, tostas and salads, all homemade.

If you have exceeded yourself with the kimchee, crunchy tricolor quinoa, coconut water and ginger, you will always have (very close) the gymnasium of Tracy Anderson, the personal trainer who has modeled the bodies of her friend Gwyneth Paltrow, of Madonna and of half Hollywood. Last summer in Madrid (in Fernando VI) he set up his first fitness center outside the United States,which attracts attention from the street because it is so beautiful that it seems impossible for people to sweat there.

But do not sweat: Anderson’s classrooms are heated to 35 degrees Celsius with 75% humidity, since these conditions stimulate the body to release toxins and improve the elasticity and tone of the skin. This 185-square-meter gym is located in the Lamarca building, a former carriage factory that has been transformed into luxury homes and shops that have given the neighborhood more luster.


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Since the waiting list to be a member of the Anderson club is wide, you can always wait for them to accept you in Clandestin LaMarca, in the same building. It is a gym with nutritional programs, training and even trips in which their clients have a counselor who is available 24 hours through WhatsApp.

It is clear that the Venezuelan investors who own Lamarca (among them Miguel Ángel Capriles, cousin of the opposition Henrique Capriles) want to create a community of dynamic and healthy wealthy people. Because also in that building is Roots, a space with a market and with macrobiotic menus, pastry free of refined sugars, flours, dairy and eggs and vegan salads that are eaten right there or bought to take away.


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We have to go through Síclo, on the same street, Fernando VI. In this direction Mexican spinning is practiced, that is, suffering on a static bicycle for 45 intense minutes to the rhythm of the music (loud) and the disco lights. A way to burn calories by having fun in a thin space. It is the last scream in the healthiest neighborhood in Spain.

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