The Keys to the Tracy Anderson Method that Sculpt the Bodies of Celebrities with Heat and Humidity

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6 March 2019


The keys to the Tracy Anderson method that sculpt the body of celebrities with heat and humidity


Gwyneth Paltrow, Olivia Wilde, Alessandra Ambrosio, Olivia Palermo or Victoria Beckham are some of the renowned VIP students of Tracy Anderson (United States, March 3, 1975). The dancer and businesswoman, who boasts of being better in the 40s than the 20s, created her own method to sculpt the figure regardless of body type, genetics and constitution. Not in vain, the one of all these famous ones is very similar.

Tired of the rejection she felt in the casting and about to abandon her dream, in order to lose weight she studied the anatomy of the human body thanks to her access to the doctor specializing in athletes who treated her husband, the basketball player Eric Anderson. So much so that she herself has told in interviews how in an audition for the musical of Beauty and the Beast they came to say that she was “chubby and short” and the only possible role would be the teapot. Thus was born a system of patented exercises with his name and based on many repetitions with weights in the ankles and arm weights. All this, executed to the rhythm of the music and in very specific ambient conditions: 35 degrees Celsius (95º F) of temperature and 75% humidity.



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Thanks to the Venezuelan entrepreneurs behind ROOTS Lamarca , Madrid is the only place in Europe with an official center of Tracy Anderson, although it is true that in London you can practice through a personal trainer and its online platform is available through One click with a weekly broadcast service. The rest of the studios are located in New York and Los Angeles.

Mischka Capriles, who lived a few years in America, wanted to bring to Spain the discipline of the fitness expert with the fame of an iron lady who gave her so much to wear a body 10. “In Los Angeles, there are many women with the same figure and you can recognize that they do the Tracy Anderson method because it is a volumeless musculature, “he says. “When Tracy met this project, she did not hesitate to join in offering classes and private training for all levels of fitness,” explains Steven Beltrani, director of global communication for the guru. In this way, the Spanish capital has become the epicenter of the latest sports trends beyond the traditional gyms. What’s more, just crossing the street will lead you to find another exclusive fitness center, Síclo, which has also landed in the same block of the neighborhood.


Tracy Anderson is very different from any other collective class. For beginners who have not seen one of the videos of the dancer shining due to sweat, the coach who gives the session does not need a microphone to encourage the staff because it does not articulate a word. That causes a maximum concentration to visualize and imitate each movement. “The Tracy Anderson method helps create a balance where there is imbalance, not only helps strengthen the body, but also favors the mind-body connection,” says Steven Beltrani. Another challenge for beginners is that microlima to Bikram Yogathat is created in the room, and which is difficult to get used to because we are used to exercising with powerful air conditioning systems. So “suffer” more.

The fitness expert warns that her system is more of a lifestyle than a workout. “Whoever does TA wants consistent and constantly evolving results, feeling strong, toned: the best version of themselves,” Beltrani defends. In the last two decades it has grown and evolved so much that Tracy continues to develop thousands of new routines to ensure that no customer gets bored. ” Exercising with heat and humidity provides very good results: sweat stimulates the body to release toxins and improves the elasticity and tone of the skin, keeping muscles warm, they are always ready to move and are more malleable”, prescribes Tracy .

Routines change every 10 days . “Unlike other exercise programs that only target the major muscle groups, the Tracy Anderson method also focuses on accessories, a total of 50 minutes of work centered on mats that will engage your entire body.” There are different levels until you have mastered all the phases. Then, the evolution allows to increase the weights adding new ballasts.

Mirrors to guide you with the movements and colorful ribbons of orange and blue colors that hang from the ceiling are some of the similarities of the center of Madrid with respect to the North Americans. This 185-square-meter location features a range of innovations patented by the fitness guru , including the isokinetic band system. They have cardio dance classes (for beginners and advanced clients alike), private training, as well as a commercial space full of official Tracy Anderson wardrobe – given their own physical change it is not surprising that they have created an empire around the method –

The monthly payments cost around 500 euros, although the classes can be taken by loose bonuses. For her, it is an investment in health that, in addition to transforming the body , makes her happier and freer. “I’ve been researching and developing content for 20 years to create the method, and my goal is to help restore people’s comfort so they’re comfortable with it.” He says it knowingly. It has always been (and continues to be) the hardest and self-demanding: train every day unless it is impossible due to force majeure.