The trainer Jennifer Lopez says that these 2 exercises are ideal to eliminate cellulite

By October 30, 2018Press


18 October 2018

Before, LONG before that the Kardashian cambiasen forever the canons of physical beauty , the way how we train and how wedress , was SHE, Jennifer Lopez .  The diva of the 2000s was the first to show that having a big ass and showing curves with pride is THE MOST .

Clearly, genetics is on JLo’s part , however, the singer has never been afraid of hard work. Just to see in Instagram the workout routines of his trainer, Tracy Anderson , we know that those buttocks and those firm legs (and those abs at age 49 ) have been achieved on the basis of discipline. Attention because  Andersonhas also been a personal coach of Kim Kardashian , Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz .

So, if Tracy Anderson includes a movement (or two) in his famous training sessions to tone buttocks and make cellulite disappear , we will try them tomorrow and repeat them until we get a 100%JLo ass .

This fun and easy movement is THE MOST for the glutes and for working muscles that are rarely exercised. Get on all fours, in quadruped position , and lift one leg towards the folded side (as seen in the video). The first repetitions will seem easy but continue until it starts to hurt . Yes, friend, it has to hurt on the side . Do 3 sets and get as far as you can.

If the first cellulite neutralizing movement is hard but simple , in the second it increases the complexity. In quadruped position again, leave one knee resting on the ground and throw one leg back without lifting too much but leaving it at the height of the hip .

To complete, take the foot of the leg moving forward and sit on the knee of the opposite leg . Repeat these movements 10 times and try to perform 3 series . We warn, you’re going to sweat (but reduce cellulite is well worth it).

Perhaps we will not have the genetics of Jennifer Lopez but the tricks of her trainer and maximum desire to give it all in the # OperationCorpoSerrano.