Tips for getting active in 2019

By January 16, 2019Press

16 January 2019


Tips for getting active in 2019



(WTNH) – It’s the new year and throughout the month of January, we are helping you make simple changes to your everyday life so you can meet your 2019 resolutions.

We are talking about ways to get active and, on Good Morning Connecticut at Nine to share her tips, was healthy lifestyle expert and founder of ‘Pretty Wellness’ Caryn Sullivan.

Sullivan, a two-time breast cancer survivor, talks about the Small Steps Challenge – a month long challenge filled with four weekly wellness goals with supporting tasks to inspire people to make small healthy changes this year.

This past week/week two challenge focus was: BE ACTIVE.

Below are some of the tips:

1. Just do it for a few minutes – A few minutes here and there add up. If you
don’t want to do a 45 minute workout – just tell yourself to do a 15 minutes.

2. WALK – Find time in your day to add steps.

3. Find a friend/ make it a family affair – Be accountable and have fun.

4. Try something new – A new class, a new home workout. Wellness 2019 trends
include at home workouts making a bigger push. Some gyms have at-home
programs. If you are into pop culture, try Tracy Anderson Method or DDP Yoga.

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