Tracee Ellis Ross follows the fitness routine beloved by celebrities

By January 31, 2019Press

31 January 2019


Tracee Ellis Ross follows the fitness routine beloved by celebrities. Here’s how the actress stays in killer shape.


Tracee Ellis Ross works hard to stay in tip top shape. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


  • Tracee Ellis Ross is an actress known best for her roles on “black-ish” and “Girlfriends.”
  • She’s also passionate about her fitness routine, which she frequently Instagrams and discusses in interviews.
  • Ross’ workout routine includes weightlifting, personal training, and classes at the Tracy Anderson Method.

Chances are good that you know about Tracee Ellis Ross. It could be from her starring roles in “black-ish” and “Girlfriends,” her hosting gigs, or the fact that she happens to be Diana Ross‘ daughter.

And, if you follow her on Instagram or keep up with her interviews, you’ll know she is also extremely fit. Ross is candid about her exerciseroutine, both in interviews and on Instagram, where she frequently posts videos of her workouts and techniques.

So, what exactly does she do to stay fit? Read on to find out.

She does workouts that make her feel good



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No joke over here at @TracyAndersonMethod #SweatyAF #RedLipFit 💪🏾💋

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For Ross, that’s usually the Tracy Anderson Method, a workout studio started by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson. (Meghan MarkleGwyneth PaltrowJennifer Lopez, and pretty much every celebrity you’ve ever heard of are also Tracy Anderson enthusiasts.)

According to the studio’s website, the Tracy Anderson Method offers a variety of classes that focus on accessory muscles, the smaller muscles in the body that don’t get as much attention as larger ones like biceps and glutes.

“I have to say that Tracy Anderson’s workout the last five years has been really good for me,” she said in an interview with Health magazine in 2017. “I love the studio atmosphere, I love how beautiful and sexy and long and strong I look when I work out, and I love the loud music.”

Ross will often Instagram her classes at the Tracy Anderson Method, too.

She does weight training

Ross has also posted about going to Heart and Hustle, an exclusive personal training studio in Los Angeles that refers to its trainers as “respectable educators.” In one Instagram post of her workout at Heart and Hustle, she did squats with a kettlebell, bicep curls, and alternating lunges on a platform.

She pays particular attention to her glutes


Ross has said her aim is “lifted and full” glutes. Christopher Polk/Getty Images


In Health, Ross said she and her trainer target her glutes to ensure it looks “lifted and full.” To accomplish this, she does lunges, deadlifts, and squats — often with added weight.

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