Tracy Anderson, the coach of Hollywood stars opens center in Madrid

By November 5, 2018Press

31 October 2018


The Hollywood fitness queen, Tracy Anderson , has landed in Spain. The head of the spectacular bodies of Gwyneth Paltrow , Cameron Diaz and Madonna, among many other stars, has opened its center in Madrid (which joins the ones it already has in New York and Los Angeles), where it puts into practice its method It consists of aerobic movements, yoga and dance, performed in a room at 35 degrees and with 75% humidity.
Tracy made the change of his life after gaining 18 kilos in a year. The effort, the daily routine and the motivation were the bases for this transformation, which also applies to her famous clients and now also to the Spanish ones. From that moment began what is now an empire with DVDs of their method, online classes ( and even their own energy bars that replace any of the meals to lose weight.

Tracy Anderson has shaped great Hollywood stars like Gwyneth Paltrow

In their centers, the sessions consist of one hour of cardio and another of toning. Each of the movements of their tables are focused on exhausting a particular muscle, achieving a fibrillated silhouette in which the muscles do not acquire excessive volume, so it is not in favor of women training with excessive weight. Tracy makes specific tables according to the needs of each silhouette.

  • The model Alessandra Ambrosio is faithful to her method

  • Gwyneth Paltrow maintains her spectacular body at 46 years old with her training

  • Cameron Diaz trains with the Tracy Anderson method

  • Jennifer Lopez is another one of the fans

  • Tracy has just opened its center in Madrid, in the Lamarca Building (Fernando VI Street)

  • Become a partner costs € 850

  • Aerobic exercises, yoga and dance are performed in a room at 35 degrees and with 75% humidity

  • Tracy Anderson has also released DVDs with her method adapted for pregnant women