Why Tracy Anderson Engages

By June 25, 2019Press

24 June 2019




I have already told you that I am at the top of the sport, but today I wanted to tell you about the method of Tracy Anderson, to which I declare myself completely hooked. I knew her training routines thanks to my neighbor Carol: @gogloow who, apart from seeing so worked body that she has (you can check the before and after in her Instagram account), spoke to me wonder of the exercises that this American dancer did. Last summer I went home one day to do the training with her and I found it quite fun, but at that time I did not join the program because I was doing other things. What I do remember was the stiffness of the next two days …



When I arrived in Mexico I started running and doing yoga, but both sports I have to do almost at dawn because as it is so hot here it is very difficult to leave at another time. I also tried it in the afternoon, but at that time the problem is mosquitoes …

So I remembered how well I spent in class with Carol and decided to register for the program (it is done through its website paying € 90 per month) taking advantage of the fourteen days of free trial they offer. During those two weeks I did not miss even one of the workouts. The exercises seemed fun, very original and they work very specific body parts. So I decided to keep trying. At the beginning I was several weeks with the beginners program and, until I could not make a full class with the ballasts, I did not go to the next level: intermediate. At this level I have been almost a month and I have not managed to do even one class with the ballasts in the ankles. But I am happy because I see that there is still a lot of room for improvement.

The classes begin with a training for arms, first without weights and then with them. Then work the legs and buttocks (although you also exercise the arms and abdomen) and, finally, do a mini-session of abs. The duration is one hour and I usually burn about 300 calories per class. In the sessions that Tracy gives live or that are given in their gyms around the world (In Spain it is in Calle Salesas in Madrid) the temperature is 35 degrees and the humidity level is 70%. This is the only condition that will not be fulfilled if you do it in streaming, but I assure you that you will sweat a lot. Also the good thing about doing it from your television is that you do not have to leave the house, so you always put the excuse of not having time to go to a gym for children or for other reasons,

I imagine you will be wishing to know if I have already noticed any change was my body … As for the weight I have not lowered an ounce, but I have noticed it in the cellulite of the legs, in the definition of the arms and something in the back . When I asked Carol that when it took her to change her body she told me that she really did not start to notice anything until she was three years old, so you have to be patient.