Tracy Anderson has spent over 25 years studying premier body design. Her niche is where science meets art: she fuses the latest health research and her professional dance background to create a language of movement tailor-made for ultimate body balance.

MYMODE is the only movement practice that truly grows with you, for next-level body results. The secret to total-body toning? An ever-evolving program. Standard fitness equipment has a limited number of movement algorithms: you can only perform a certain amount of moves before running out. MYMODE has thousands of movement algorithms to continuously target every inch of your body in new ways. It’s not magic–it’s MYMODE.

Sculpt your body the all-natural way.

With MYMODE, Tracy sought to rebuild the natural order from which we came. MYMODE renews the body to weed out pain, stress, and inflammation, flowing with nature’s current to restore clarity throughout the mind, body, and spirit. When you approach holistic health from the inside out, that’s when you achieve real, lasting results.

MYMODE is a huge environmental leap in the fitness industry. At every step of the way—from conception to manufacturing—Tracy was committed to creating a natural piece of equipment.  Zero PVC, formaldehyde, phthalates, or azodicarbonamide. All organic, ethically-sourced materials. It’s time to honor the natural environment our bodies are programmed to thrive within.

Unlock your true physical potential with MYMODE.

With the staff, handcrafted weights, resistance bands, and a four-leveled platform, the MYMODE apparatus is designed to be multifunctional: perfect for a flexible at-home workout regime. From the homebodies to the jetsetters, you can pick and choose select parts of the MYMODE apparatus to use–depending on where you are and how you feel. It’s a new workout every time, developing your physical intelligence move by move. 

Every 10 days, Tracy personally choreographs new sequences on the MYMODE, building on what came before to keep your body in discovery mode. By constantly evolving the choreography, the MYMODE program targets all those hard-to-reach areas, sculpting your figure into its most balanced state. It’s made to make you look and feel like the most beautiful, powerful, authentic version of you. With hundreds of custom choreographed sequences and specialized classes, MYMODE has a workout for every moment of your life.




Discover endless possibility with MYMODE: Your forever practice.

As a gesture of our gratitude for your curiosity about the world of MYMODE, we would like to extend an exclusive offer to you: MYMODE Lite, at a special price.

MYMODE Lite is our latest edition of the program, featuring lighter functionality, brand new content (including Tracy’s signature MYMODE Cardio series), added flexibility, and heightened performance.


$2,499 $1,999

MYMODE Lite includes:

— 1 box (2 staff sockets and three height levels)
— 1 staff
— 2 attachable staff weights
— 1 hand-crafted disk for floor plane training
— 4 bands
— 1 set of hand weights
— 1 set of ankle weights
— 1 supportive landing pad
— 1 organic MYMODE towel
— 2 monthly group Zoom sessions with Tracy
— Exclusive access to 4 Levels of MYMODE content
— Access to fresh choreography released every 10 days

Note: Memberships to the Online Studio are sold separately. An Online Studio membership is required to access MYMODE content. To explore Online Studio memberships, click here.