Immersive Experiences

The Online Studio

Workout with Tracy in real time each week from anywhere, at any time. The Online Studio offers new weekly classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels plus a dance cardio library, bonus content, and more.


The PER4MANCE Program

This isn’t about the workout, it’s about the work-in. The PER4MANCE Program is an annual curriculum of strategic, digital content delivered by Tracy and her team of renowned experts, and designed to enhance the ways your mind and body speak to each other.



Our studios are membership based, offering clients with customized prescriptions for their total health. Each studio is equipped with a Prescription Team that has studied under Tracy to help guide you on your physical journey.


Virtual Live Classes

We’re all in this together. Join Tracy and our trainers for virtual live training sessions in the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are.


Latest Innovations

Tracy Anderson MagazineA publication for the mind, body and soul.

Discover Tracy’s guilt-free recipes for the holidays, conversations with some of the world’s most renowned health experts, a total body workout, timely fashion, beauty and more.


Listen To The ExpertsA conversation about the COVID-19 health crisis plus ways to cope.

While at home, Tracy called upon five renowned health experts to discuss a variety of topics, and found that each of them had a unique perspective in regards to the current COVID-19 crisis. This video is a compilation of commentary and the coping mechanisms we learned from these conversations, as it relates to the global pandemic. For more expert videos, subscribe to The PER4MANCE Program.


The Fitness Pioneer


Tracy conducts her first research study in Indiana


Detox Weeks begin!


The first Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio DVD is released


Tracy invents her first machine: The Hybrid Body Reformer


The Tracy Anderson Studio City studio opens in LA


Tracy meets Gwyneth in London


Tracy and Gwyneth become business partners


Tracy brings her Iso Kinetic band system to the studio


The Tracy Anderson Tribeca studio opens in NYC


The Metamorphosis DVD program is released


The Post Pregnancy 2 DVD is released

October 2012

The Pregnancy Project DVD is released

September 2013

Tracy named Us Weekly's Most Stylish

October 2013

Tracy launches a men's workout program

December 2014

Tracy goes online! The TA Online Studio is born

March 2017

The Tracy Anderson 59th Street studio opens in NYC

May 2016

Tracy and Jennifer Lopez team up for Ain't Your Mama Body Challenge

May 2018

The Tracy Anderson Madrid studio opens in Spain

February 2019

Tracy takes reign as CEO

March 2019

The work-in begins with The PER4MANCE Program

June 2019

The first issue of TA Quarterly is printed

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October 12, 2020

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September 29, 2020

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