Immersive Experiences

The Online Studio

Workout with Tracy in real time each week from anywhere, at any time. The Online Studio offers new weekly classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels plus a dance cardio library, bonus content, and more.


The PER4MANCE Program

This isn’t about the workout, it’s about the work-in. The PER4MANCE Program is an annual curriculum of strategic, digital content delivered by Tracy and her team of renowned experts, and designed to enhance the ways your mind and body speak to each other.



Our studios are membership based, offering clients with customized prescriptions for their total health. Each studio is equipped with a Prescription Team that has studied under Tracy to help guide you on your physical journey.


Vitality Weeks

Vitality Weeks are a life-changing opportunity to work with Tracy and her senior team where you will acquire the knowledge, support, and up to date tools to experience and maintain a comprehensive physical and emotional transformation.


Latest Innovations

Tracy Anderson MagazineA publication for the mind, body and soul.

Discover eating plans and recipes, expert interviews, Tracy’s latest finds in natural beauty, fashion, music, and more.


Vitality CrystalsBecause more isn't always better.

Designed with just the right amounts and ratios of the 9 essential amino acids plus arginine that your body needs.

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