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The London studio is housed at SURRENNE: a members-only wellbeing club specializing in immersive health and longevity.

Meet the Studio

Discover the London studio in the charming central district of Knightbsridge, on the fourth floor of SURRENNE: the luxury spa and health club specializing in experiential wellbeing. The contemporary spaces at SURRENNE were custom-designed by Rémi Tessier for elevated wellness experiences. Featuring new weekly muscular structure choreography, dance cardio classes, and the groundbreaking MYMODE program and apparati, the London studio at SURRENNE is the only dedicated space in the United Kingdom to experience the Tracy Anderson Method. The studio is also equipped with Tracy’s patented Super-G Floor and Iso-Kinetic Band systems.

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The Experience


The Tracy Anderson training staff are the best in the fitness industry. Each professional has undergone an intensive selection process and rigorous training program alongside Tracy and her body prescription team. Your trainer will not only be silently leading you through your Tracy Anderson Method workout, but they will be doing it with you; every single move, every step of the way.


The music will help you through your workout — which is why it’s loud and upbeat. Emotions come up because the music is on. You’re preoccupied, and unable to address the fact that you are being physically challenged in this space. The classroom environment is good for people to heal, without realizing how much they are healing. Let the music speak through you, and energize you. Complimentary ear plugs are available at reception for clients with hearing sensitivities.


Our classrooms are heated to 95 degrees with 75 percent humidity. Working out in the heat and humidity provides a number of benefits: sweat encourages the body to release toxins and improves the skin elasticity and tone. The heat also keeps the muscles warm, ready to move, and malleable.

Remember to stay hydrated. When you exercise and sweat you are utilizing the body’s natural cooling mechanism. Guess what? All it wants in return is new water. Now that’s cleansing!