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Results that start in the palm of your hand.

HeartStone is a set of limited-edition weighted energy trainers beset with rose quartz, created by Tracy Anderson.


A body in motion is all energy: a dance that you can feel within.

Orchestra conductors live longer than the average human. Why? Not only do their repeated arm techniques improve cardiovascular health over time—there’s something to be said about the magic of moving in harmony with the music’s energy.

HeartStone magnifies the heart-boosting results of Tracy Anderson’s signature conductor-style arm sequences, and takes your core and upper body workout to higher ground.

(Meta) Physical Strength

Each 2.8-lb weighted energy trainer features rose quartz. This precious gemstone—revered through the ages for its transformative qualities—elevates your workout beyond what you can see: harnessing the energetic power of self-love, spiritual healing, and infinite peace to your workout.

Crystallized Intention

Experience the fusion of physical strength and spiritual well-being with the transformative force of rose quartz during your workout. This is more than exercise: HeartStone activates your movement with intention and feeling, nurturing our innate purpose to love ourselves and one another.

At its core, HeartStone offers a powerful, results-driven practice for harnessing the energy that resides within each of us. Whether you are taking your first steps or are advancing towards mastery, HeartStone promises to be an invaluable resource on your journey. HeartStone is a slow practice that offers powerful physical results that complement your regular workouts with us, and are also the perfect starting place if you are new to the Tracy Anderson Method.

Inner Rhythm

HeartStone encourages you to move to your heartbeat, syncing the rhythm of your body to the pulse of your intuition. Known as “the stone of love”, rose quartz is historically associated with the heart chakra, invoking empathy, healing, and compassion. Transform your workout into a heart-centered experience, and reach deeper towards your inner wisdom.

Instrument of Love

HeartStone is more than a workout tool. It’s an instrument of love and self-discovery, inspiring the body to move through life with an open heart. Think of HeartStone as a workout companion, designed to lift you to higher vibrations throughout the ebbs and flows of your movement journey. HeartStone was built to inspire you to unearth the extraordinary energy that flows through you, and with which you can fuel any adventure in your life. When your heart is in the workout, you extend beyond perceived limitations. It all starts in the palm of your hand. Trust that love is within reach.

Results start in the palm of your hand, Reaching out to something bigger than yourself. Stretch your imagination, strengthen your will. Lengthen towards the light. Unlock the healing power of the heart, and trust that love is always within reach.

“For 25 years, my clients have come to me for next-level body results. I think the real secret behind my Method comes down to energy. By understanding the power of my own energy, I’m able to inhabit each move more deeply, expand my physical awareness, and perform the choreography in a way that supercharges my results—again, and again. As an energy trainer, HeartStone captures this underlying piece of everything I’ve achieved throughout my career. Energetic awareness is essential to complex weight transfers, especially when we’re engaging the body in highly targeted resistance training. Since using HeartStone, I’ve felt such a transcendence in how I feel and look in my body, particularly with the hard-to-reach areas of the arms and abs that require more attention as we age. HeartStone is definitely a slower burn, using a measured pace and crystallized intention to intensify the benefits of every other physical activity you perform. I can’t rave enough about training your heart center—it’s the magic we all need to unlock our deepest physical intuition, and reach our bodies’ highest potential throughout our lives.”
– Tracy Anderson

$375 $249

We’ve grounded the price of HeartStone for a limited time to celebrate World Meditation Day, and share the power of moving meditation for every wellness practice.


  • A set of two 2.8-lb weighted energy trainers beset with rose quartz
  • Artisanal wooden HeartStone base, designed for crystal care and preservation
  • Two organic cotton travel bags
  • A revolutionary workout strategy based in energy training, custom-designed for next-level arm and core results for all fitness levels
  • Complimentary access to the HeartStone app


Penny, a blossoming singer-songwriter, and Sam, a passionate musician, have infused their talents into HeartStone. Penny’s song, a tribute to this journey, resonates with Sam’s guitar, creating a symphony of inspiration.

Every purchase of this MP3 is a gift of joy, as all proceeds will support Sam and Penny in their mission to bring happiness to children through Toys for Tots and The Love Button Global Movement.

Heal Our Environment with HeartStone

HeartStone as an eco-conscious symphony, harmonizing healing, compassion, and sustainability. Free from PFAS, Phthalates, BPA, and VOCs, each HeartStone is cast from iron in a waste-free process. Each hand-cut crystal from India is a testament to the craftsmanship of skilled tradespeople, and we’re proud to have certified the supplier for safe working conditions and equitable pay.


Machined in California, the logo disks feature an eco-friendly trivalent zinc finish, and the recyclable packaging respects the natural world from which HeartStone came. Assembled in Texas by a minority-certified business offering trade schooling to local high school graduates, HeartStone is orchestrating a sustainable, equitable future.

The official HeartStone app is now available for download on iOS and Android.

The HeartStone app features a bespoke collection of workouts, fusing movement and meditation to open the world of energy-training. These guided and unguided sessions with Tracy and her Senior Trainers are designed to awaken your energy with spine-strengthening and arm-sculpting sequences. HeartStone empowers you to tap into the boundless energy within, enhancing your physical performance and taking your results to higher ground.

Each session will range from 5 min to 33 min in length. There will be guided meditative movement as well and unguided.  The HeartStones are also designed to be held in stressful or anxious meetings or moments in your life when you require grounding.

Every HeartStone purchase comes with complimentary access to the HeartStone app. The HeartStone app is also available to download separately—details and pricing available in the App Store and Google Play Store.