Tracy Anderson





For a limited time, we’ve grounded the price of HeartStone to share the power of moving meditation.

The set of limited-edition weighted energy trainers beset with rose quartz, created by Tracy Anderson. This precious gemstone—revered through the ages for its transformative qualities—elevates your workout beyond what you can see: harnessing the energetic power of self-love, spiritual healing, and infinite peace to your workout.

Think of HeartStone as a workout companion, designed to lift you to higher vibrations throughout the ebbs and flows of your movement journey. HeartStone was built to inspire you to unearth the extraordinary energy that flows through you, and with which you can fuel any adventure in your life.

“For 25 years, my clients have come to me for next-level body results. I think the real secret behind my Method comes down to energy. By understanding the power of my own energy, I’m able to inhabit each move more deeply, expand my physical awareness, and perform the choreography in a way that supercharges my results—again, and again. As an energy trainer, HeartStone captures this underlying piece of everything I’ve achieved throughout my career. Energetic awareness is essential to complex weight transfers, especially when we’re engaging the body in highly targeted resistance training. Since using HeartStone, I’ve felt such a transcendence in how I feel and look in my body, particularly with the hard-to-reach areas of the arms and abs that require more attention as we age. HeartStone is definitely a slower burn, using a measured pace and crystallized intention to intensify the benefits of every other physical activity you perform. I can’t rave enough about training your heart center—it’s the magic we all need to unlock our deepest physical intuition, and reach our bodies’ highest potential throughout our lives.” – Tracy Anderson

Results start in the palm of your hand,
Reaching out to something bigger than yourself.
Stretch your imagination, strengthen your will.
Lengthen towards the light.
Unlock the healing power of the heart, and trust that love is always within reach.

  • A set of two 2.8-lb weighted energy trainers beset with rose quartz
  • Artisanal wooden HeartStone base, designed for crystal care and preservation
  • Two organic cotton travel bags
  • A revolutionary workout strategy based in energy training, custom-designed for next-level arm and core results for all fitness levels
  • Complimentary access to the HeartStone app, featuring guided workouts to explore the world of energy-infused fitness, coming soon.

This product is final sale and non-returnable.