Discovery Days just made finding your dream job or internship a lot easier

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10 June 2018

“12 trips. 10 cities. 500 female executives,” reads the Discovery Days page of the GenHERation website. GenHERation, under the leadership of founder and Wharton graduate Katlyn Grasso, is an organization that aims to create a network connecting young girls with female executives “to close the gender leadership gap,” in the entertainment, tech, finance, and other industries Grasso explained, citing the 93.6 percent of Fortune 500 companies led by male CEOs.

“We really felt that the best way to get girls to see what it’s like to lead a company and meet executives is to take them into the doors of the companies themselves,” said Grasso of the impetus for Discovery Days. Discovery Days are one to four days in which 50 girls from 10 cities across America are taken to the headquarters of various female-led businesses to get a tour of the business, speak to the female executives in a panel format, and experience simulations in which they solve problems that the business might face on a daily basis.

Beyond the time each girl spends at the companies’ headquarters, the GenHERation team shares the résumé of every attendee and facilitates communication between the girls and the companies should any be interested in an internship or job. Success stories such as that of Clayton Buckaloo who landed an internship with the Oprah Winfrey Network after visiting their headquarters in a 2017 Discovery Day embody the goal of these days: to “send more powerful women leaders into the world,” said Grasso.

Buckaloo was inspired by the work and values of OWN and used the contacts she’d made at the Discovery Day to reach out to the network about a potential internship. “GenHERation set me up with everything I needed: context, contacts and drive,” Buckaloo wrote in her reflection on the experience. Ultimately, she received her “dream internship.”

The GenHERation team will hold the LA Discovery Days on July 11 and 12, partnering with Bolt Bus to take the girls to the headquarters of Buzzfeed, Mattel, Ernst and Young, The Honest Company, Coolhaus, and Tracy Anderson to make connections with their executives and to discover more about their own interests. Tickets are $300 for both days and include both food and transportation.

“I think if it’s just two days over the summer that you can invest in yourself and your future, it’s going to pay off infinitely in the future,” Grasso said.

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Body Has Been Wedding Ready ‘for Forever,’ Says Trainer Tracy Anderson

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29 June 2018

She’s ready! When it comes to prepping Gwyneth Paltrow’s physique for her upcoming nuptials to fiancé Brad Falchuk, the actress is good to go, her trainer Tracy Anderson tells Us Weekly of the bride-to-be.

“Oh my gosh, you know what’s so great? I feel like for her, with her wedding, she’s been ready for forever,” says Anderson, who has several studios in New York City as well as Brentwood and Studio City, California, and Water Mill, New York. “I mean, listen, she hasn’t even said, ‘Let’s get wedding ready.’ So I think she’s just been ready.”

Of course, Paltrow’s unwavering commitment to keeping her body lean and svelte is no secret. The 45-year-old Goop founder and cookbook author, who follows a strict vegan diet and avoids highly processed foods and sugar in lieu of fad cleanses and juice cleanses, has long been dedicated to 43-year-old Anderson’s dance aerobics and strengthening sweat sessions.

“She’s been embracing this mentality of a healthy lifestyle and has incorporated working out four to seven days a week regularly and it’s been part of her lifestyle for as long as I’ve known her, which is 12 years,” says the fitness entrepreneur, who this summer is teaching G. Sport Sessions, a class that Goop teamed up with Westin Hotels to present. And while the Oscar-winning actress is known as an Anderson Method diehard, dance didn’t come easily to her initially. In fact, she had to work at it: “I think it was a really big accomplishment for her to learn how to dance and to gain that level of endurance,” Anderson notes.

Beyond being ready to look fabulous in her wedding dress on the big day, Paltrow — who confirmed her engagement to 47-year-old Falchuk in January after Us broke the news in November 2017 — is prepared to say “I do.” Gushes Anderson of her longtime pal, who met her love on the set of Glee in 2014: “She’s so in love, and they’re ready, they’re ready.”

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Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson reveals sometimes Gwyneth Paltrow’s diet is ‘too clean’

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28 June 2018

She’s known for her holistic approach to health and fitness.

And now Gwyneth Paltrow‘s, 45, trainer and business partner Tracy Anderson has revealed that sometimes the star is a little too clean.

Speaking to media personality Catt Sadler for her blog thecattwalk, the 43-year-old confessed that there are times the Hollywood star eats even too clean for her. 

There are moments that she goes cleaner than I ever desire to go,’ she dished when asked who had a cleaner diet.

But as for right now, with Gwyneth preparing for her upcoming wedding to fiancé Brad Falchuck, her diet is pretty balanced.

‘I think right now both of us are pretty balanced,’ said Tracy.

‘We’re not too healthy and not too unhealthy either.’

After giving birth to her second child Moses in 2006, Gwyneth found she was still lugging an extra 20 pounds.

The beauty turned to Tracy’s dance cardio fitness regime where she lost 11 inches in the first 10 days.

And soon enough, the pair became business partners and started a fitness empire.

Speaking on her Goop podcast earlier in the year, the ex-wife to Chris Martin disclosed her day on a plate.

Starting with a simple smoothie for breakfast, she next enjoyed a ‘pretty healthy lunch’ made up of some sort of salad and protein.

According to her site, her past lunches have included tuna and tomato or black bean, corn and avocado.

The recipes revealed she either used rice and quinoa or greens as the base.

Gwyneth has also previously confessed that for dinner she eats ‘whatever I want’ – while still ensuring her meal isn’t highly processed or containing high-fructose corn syrup.

Her previous posts have revealed these meals are primarily some form of roast chicken and potatoes or a farmer’s market salad.

And while she maintains a healthy balanced diet, the blogger recently told Woman’s Health that her incredible physique came down to her training with Tracy.

‘I like feeling good, and I know I feel my best when I exercise,’ she said.

‘but it depends on the day – I definitely don’t always feel like doing it. I’ve made it a habit, just like brushing your teeth, That’s how you have to look at it.’

‘I’ve been a Tracy Anderson fanatic for over a decade, I’m an investor in her company, so yeah, I go every morning. I drop the kids at school, work out, got to work.’

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Tracy Anderson: It’s ‘bulls–t’ to think I can make you look like Gwyneth

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28 June 2018

Don’t expect workout guru Tracy Anderson to make all your fitness fantasies come true.

“And by the way, don’t come to me because you want Gwyneth Paltrow’s legs,” Anderson, 43, said in an interview on Catt Sadler’s blog, the cattwalk. “Like where somebody in fitness trains a famous person, and because of that everyone becomes hamsters on a wheel like, ‘Oh my gosh I want to look like that famous person so I’m gonna go to that trainer!’ That is complete and utter bulls–t!

“You know, these women should go to people because of their expertise and because they want to look like their most proportioned self, they want to feel like their best self, not because they want to look like somebody else who is a celebrity,” she continued.

As Paltrow’s trainer and business partner, Anderson said she and her fit friend both go through clean — and not-so-clean — eating phases.

“There are moments that she goes cleaner than I ever desire to go these days, but there are moments, like I was a raw foodist for a year when she was eating French fries regularly,” explained Anderson. “We’ve known each other for a very long time, so we’ve each had our moments, but I think right now both of us are pretty balanced. We’re not too healthy and not too unhealthy either.”

Anderson also indulges in the occasional vice.

“I only drink wine, I don’t drink anything else,” she said. “I’ll either have one glass each night one week, or I won’t drink for four nights and for three nights I’ll have like two or three.”

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Trainer Reveals the Guilty Pleasure Snack the Actress Used to Eat ‘Regularly’

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28 June 2018

Even Gwyneth Paltrow has her “cheat days.”

In a new interview with Catt Sadler for The Cattwalk, the 45-year-old actress’ close pal and trainer, Tracy Anderson, reveals some of Paltrow’s biggest health and fitness secrets — and explains why women should want to look like themselves, not a celebrity.

“There are moments that [Gwyneth] goes cleaner than I ever desire to go these days, but there are moments where, like, I was a raw foodist for a year when she was eating French fries regularly,” Anderson says. “We’ve known each other for a very long time, so we’ve each had our moments, but I think right now both of us are pretty balanced. We’re not too healthy and not too unhealthy either.”

Throughout the interview, Anderson reiterates how important it is to create your own, realistic fitness goals. She says that trainers like herself, who frequently work with Hollywood A-listers, constantly hear from clients that they want to transform their body into a build that resembles their celebrity idol.

“Don’t come to me because you want Gwyneth Paltrow’s legs,” Anderson jokes. “Like, where somebody in fitness trains a famous person, and because of that, everyone becomes hamsters on a wheel like, ‘Oh my gosh, I want to look like that famous person, so I’m gonna go to that trainer!’ That is complete and utter bulls**t!”

“These women should go to people because of their expertise and because they want to look like their most proportioned self — they want to feel like their best self, not because they want to look like somebody else who is a celebrity,” she continues. “Do not miss the opportunity to be your best self. Don’t get distracted with what everyone else is doing.”

Over the weekend, Paltrow showed off her fit figure while vacationing in Capri with her fiance, Brad Falchuk. The mother of two wore a bright orange bikini that highlighted her enviable abs.

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Searingly Honest, Equally Grounded, and Crazy Stupid Driven. Tracy Anderson’s Method for Life is Awe Inspiring

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27 June 2018


She might be small, but she’s got more drive than most of us combined in her pinky toe. She’s a five-foot-tall firecracker who has grown her unique fitness method into a thriving international business. With a little help from her friend and biz partner Gwyneth Paltrow, but mostly from her relentless pursuit of balancing women’s bodies, doing it HER way, and perhaps her daily glass of wine. Not bad for a small town girl from Indiana. 

It’s been ten years since we met for the first time. You had your Studio City location – your only one.  Since then you’ve been absolutely crushing it, Tracy. You’ve made it your life’s work to make women feel healthy, super fit and sexy.  But now you’ve got multiple studios in multiple cities, you’ve grown your business and you have such a thriving brand overall. Today, when you wake up and serve your customer, what most excites you?

That’s such an interesting question, Catt. I do love our long history of knowing each other for so long and having that common Hoosier root between us.  One of the cool things that you so gracefully laid out is that I have been very consistent in my career. I’ve seen the same in the way that you’ve evolved your amazing career. I think that when you are someone that is doing things from a very authentic place, it stands the test of time.  I set out 19 years ago to fill what I felt like was a very serious hole in the fitness industry to help create balance where there is imbalance in people’s bodies. I have stayed completely focused on that one mission. I’ve allowed myself to grow and evolve, and create tools and support for women specifically.  I have grown my studios over the years but so far I have turned down any opportunity to open 70 or 100 studios in a year. I did just go international though with my first space in Madrid. That’s exciting!

Congratulations! From Noblesville, Indiana to now being global – literally – how do you feel that your midwest roots have served you?

My grandmother used to say, “You’re not better than anyone and no one’s better than you.”  She volunteered at the zoo, started as one of the volunteers at the American Cancer Society, she stayed home with my mom, they lived a very responsible life where I feel like they just had their priorities in check and really were very rooted, good people.  I think I got a lot of tough love from my grandparents. As I’ve grown and been around so many influential and celebrated people in the world, because my expertise has put me into that space, it’s been eye opening. I say to my kids all the time, “You can’t buy down to earth.” I really think that that has connected me to my audience and I really am here to serve everyone at any price point, whatever their circumstances may be.

In one of your recent Instagrams, you were out in the herbs in your garden with your family.  That’s the kind of beauty I want to look at. Real life! So, good on you for staying grounded!

Even last night, my friend Maria’s husband took this really beautiful picture of us and I wanted to post it but I told her this morning “I’m so sorry, I want to post that picture of us today but I couldn’t post it last night. I was catching up on the news and so bothered by what’s going on with these children, so I can’t post our pic until I post something else to try and get someone somewhere to try and make a difference.”

What’s interesting is that I think so many people are so attached to their followers that I think they’re afraid to really speak their mind on that platform. I think it’s important to speak up because it opens up very tough conversations that can get all the way to the root.  If you do make a statement it does open up difficult conversations, but it’s not very different from someone who is a self-sabotager with their diet or exercise and not showing up for their health. It’s very uncomfortable to get their balance and to know what balance really means. I encourage people when they are afraid of what other people might throw at them for speaking up or speaking their truth, to take a minute, slow yourself down enough to think it through, and then I think it’s really good for people to take action.  You’ve done that in such a brave way that I admire so much.

Thank you. I couldn’t agree more. I think we all suffer from some slight pressure of “Do I?” “Don’t I?” “How will I be perceived?” “Will I be judged?” I think that’s one of the beautiful things about aging.  I care less and less. I know you’re probably the same. If my audience is there, I want them to be there for all of me, every ounce of me and if they disagree and they want to stop following me or supporting me that’s certainly their right and that’s what makes the world go ‘round. It’s better to act on your beliefs and just be your true self.

What kind of boss are you? What would your employees and your instructors say about what kind of boss you are and how you lead?

If I have to change the toilet paper, I’ll change the toilet paper.  I am very friendly to everyone, I am very accessible to everyone, I really have always loved Tom Ford’s quote “Don’t work with people you don’t wanna go to dinner with.”  My assistants become like family to me. I believe in that, I believe in collaboration and I believe in people feeling like they have a happy, fun, supportive and creative environment to come to work in and to function in.  I also really think it’s tough because I’m very high functioning and because I work a lot and love what I do, so all of these amazing people that I have been working with for so many years, they end up working a lot too.  But I really truly believe that they do love serving others the way that I do, and I’m not a strict boss. I don’t yell at my employees. I don’t believe in getting people to accomplish things through fear or through manipulation in any way.  What doesn’t work for me or for this method I’ve created is when I bring in people and put them in the CEO position. That has been the most challenging for me, to hire or keep anyone in that position because they always want to create some kind of environment that is too corporate for what I do. With that corporate structure comes a diminishment of what I do and do so well. People come to me and they’ll try and talk me into it and I just can’t be talked into it.

I get that, it would almost alter the essence of who you are and what you’ve built already.

Yes, it would be like my audience going, “Oh Tracy sold out,” and none of them can dangle any amount of money that is big enough or attractive enough to get me to do that, and I think that’s another way that my roots have really served me well.  My mom had three jobs to put me through college, I grew up with no air conditioning, five of us with one bathroom, I shared a room with my sister. I just don’t get excited about the idea of having five homes. I don’t care if I have a plane someday. That doesn’t excite me. What really excites me is the way that we improve people’s lives and the way that I can remain a teacher to them.

And by the way, don’t come to me because you want Gwyneth Paltrow’s legs. Like where somebody in fitness trains a famous person, and because of that everyone becomes hamsters on a wheel like, “Oh my gosh I want to look like that famous person so I’m gonna go to that trainer!” That is complete and utter bullshit! You know, these women should go to people because of their expertise and because they want to look like their most proportioned self, they want to feel like their best self, not because they want to look like somebody else who is a celebrity.

Amen sister! Preach! I hear you and that’s what I love about you, why I respect you so much and why I want to celebrate you. I know at the core of all that you do is your passion to help women love their bodies and love themselves the very most that they can.  I’m just curious where that passion came from, where was that born, how did you decide that was important to you?

That’s a great question too. No surprise that great questions are coming out of Catt Sadler’s mouth.  I think, because of the way my parents raised me, I always stayed kind to myself and because of that I’ve sort of always piled up with the people that were also struggling. I also wanted to help the people that were falling into eating disorders or drugs or other things – wanting to help came so naturally. I’ve always been friends with everybody. I was always that kind of young adult and I think that it just never left me. I really don’t like when things don’t seem fair or righteous so I’m like, “Okay, it doesn’t seem right that I can’t do what I wanna do!”

I am a natural advocate to try and always research and always push myself to create and I can relate to these women. I gained 60 pounds when I was pregnant with my son Sam and I’m five feet tall. I think I just relate to many different women in many different circumstances and as an adult, I feel like I’ve been through a lot of things. Like with many of the women that I serve in my own life, I’ve been divorced, I’ve had very very bad experiences with relationships, I am a single mom, I’ve had all of these different things that have happened to me in the past couple of years.  I have kids, but I also froze my embryos. I’ve been through a lot of things that a lot of women go through. I think it’s key to have empathy and openness and realize that this is not just about getting a great butt or flat ass, it’s all about the journey and being there.

It’s the connection. You want to connect with so many types of women, the every-woman.  Is that what #TAmily is? Like Family? Is that what that means?

Yes! I didn’t create it. One of the TAmily members came up with it and started hashtagging it when Instagram first came out. It really stuck. It is a family of women that are all over the world that show up each day with all different kinds of lives and lifestyles. They show up for each other and through this common connection of wanting to process things through their physical selves, be healthy, be transformational leaders, they share their internal wisdom with each other. They help people in their own right with their own consistency and their own transparency which is really beautiful and amazing I think.

So true. You came out with an apparel line which is so hot and you also have your streaming service which, I have not done the streaming yet, but thank god you’re doing this. You know I am “old-school DVD Tracy Anderson.” Since I am so busy, this will be like THE way I can do your workout.  Tell me a little bit – with the apparel first.

I wear fitness gear every day to work and I love fashion. When I really love something I’ll meet with the brand and see if there’s a way that we can work together. There were two apparel lines that I just launched. One was with a brand called Heroine and I love love love their bodysuits and have worn them literally for years. They make things in very chic colors – black, white, navy. The designer has amazing taste so I asked if he would do a collaboration with me which he was totally down to do. Being a little bit wild myself and a girl who loves the 80’s, I was like, “Can we please do something wild and crazy from the 80’s?”  That’s what we did and it literally sold out in no time flat. It was so fun to do.

Then I did a line with QVC with a brand called Gigli. I can lend my opinion and my style to brands that are already doing what they do so well and I can go in in an easy way where it doesn’t distract from my regular line of business and I can say what I like, what I don’t like and also have a landscape of price points.

The streaming, though, is like my everything. I wanted to get rid of the stigma that I am unaffordable, unaccessible, too difficult.  We have this opportunity with technology now where people can see me unproduced and that, I love. I had a lot of opportunities to start a streaming program earlier, but what everyone was doing was getting in hair and makeup, filming stuff, and then they’re just putting it out on a digital platform for a year or two or longer or six months or whatever. What’s special about my methodology is that every single week we have a new conversation with our bodies speaking this same language, this physical language I’ve created, so I want people to be a part of that because that is where the gold is – really designing your muscles and keeping them balanced. There’s Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced and all of the content changes every single week and there are breakdowns from my trainers and myself.

It’s an exciting process to feel like I’m actually on the same page as everyone. I love that too, they are watching me drenched with sweat right from school-drop-off to my studio or whatever it is –  like no hair and makeup, like whatever it’s just very real and raw. Also, I have a Premium streaming service which is where I do lectures, I do interviews, I bring forth different experts, I may break down more of a dance for people, it’s got a bunch of extra bonus things in it. That product is what I’m completely focused on. I just restructured my company in the past month and all I’m focused on is streaming and my current studios.

I love that it’s all levels and I love that the content changes. You know that can be everybody’s excuse of like stopping what they’re doing because things get too repetitive and if it’s the same, you lose interest.

Yeah, or your body stops responding, or your body starts over developing in ways that even if you see results in the beginning but you don’t see them anymore, you keep doing it. Then you’re gonna see the results of overdevelopment a year later which is not good.

I know you’re so busy and you’re choreographing and you’re streaming and you’re a mom and you’re running this empire, how many days a week do you actually work out? I know you’re always moving, but would you say that you’re working out every single day of the week because of all this?

Yeah, I do work out once a day, every day typically. Sometimes I will take Sundays off or like every other Sunday because like I just can’t leave the snuggles from the bed in the morning. You know how that is as a mom, sometimes there are just those mornings where they just need you.  I do work out each day, that’s when I feel the best. Once I turned forty, I stopped working out twice a day.  Yesterday I filmed so I did work out more than once. Those are rare days now.  We are very careful because too much exercise causes accelerated aging and too little exercise causes accelerated aging. There is a sweet spot as soon as you start to hit your late thirties.

I did two of your classes in the last week and I feel so so good.

Yeah but the main thing for you, because you are so stunning and genetically blessed, is making sure that your muscular structure stays vibrating and those transitional muscles stay awake so that the connective tissues will pull your skin and as you lose collagen, you also lose muscle mass. Those two things, if you haven’t been working out, will cause crepey skin earlier in life.  So there’s just one vain reason to do it, ha!

Thanks for the tip. Work to do!

First thing you do in the morning?
Mom brain. Check on the kids first thing.

What did you have for breakfast today?
Today for breakfast I had a coffee and I had organic Ocho caramels. Oh my gosh that’s terrible but it’s true!
C: I love that you’re honest. What are the Ocho caramels?
T: Oh my gosh they’re so good. They’re the little like milk chocolate caramel things. They’re organic but they’re so good and I just grabbed them because I was running late. So I just grabbed like four or five or maybe six.
C: She’s just like us!

If you could trade brains with anyone, who would it be?
Lena Dunham

Who has a cleaner diet, you or Gwyneth?
Oh, that is a tie! There are moments that she goes cleaner than I ever desire to go these days but there are moments, like I was a raw foodist for a year when she was eating french fries regularly so I don’t know! We’ve known each other for a very long time so we’ve each had our moments but I think right now both of us are pretty balanced.  We’re not too healthy and not too unhealthy either.

How many glasses of alcohol do you drink a week?
I only drink wine, I don’t drink anything else. I’ll either have one glass each night one week, or I won’t drink for four nights and for three nights I’ll have like two or three.

If you could tell every woman one thing that would change her life for the better forever, what would it be?
Do not miss the opportunity to be your best self. Don’t get distracted with what everyone else is doing. Don’t miss the opportunity to be you and nurture your strength and plow through all of your shit and your history so that you can be who you were meant to be and shine as bright as you were meant to shine.

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Tracee Ellis Ross Has a Better Body Than Most 20 Year Olds—And This Workout is Why

By | Press

27 June 2018

With the mercury inching ever higher this summer, a less-is-more clothing mentality is entering into the collective subconscious. Fortunately, Tracee Ellis Ross has things covered—with help from celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson. The L.A.-based actress took to Instagram yesterday to share a series of Stories that doubled as an aspirational dose of workout motivation for happenstance viewers everywhere.

The three-part routine involved Anderson’s signature sculpting method, which takes place in a heated studio for maximum sweat and calorie-torching potential. Ross begins with a series of free-arms and ab-sculpting choreography—adding a dose of her trademark, smile-inducing spark and good humor to the equation—before moving on to an intensive routine of fire hydrants and kick backs designed to tone and strengthen, thanks in no small part to the addition of muscle-building ankle-weights.

With her undeniably buoyant approach and a scene-stealing physique that offered proof of diligence, Ross looked every inch the Anderson devotee—though her bound and voluminous onyx curls were every inch her own. And just to make her point, this afternoon saw Ross following up with yet another catalytic clip, this time featuring weighted squats with trainers at Heart & Hustle, a crown of cornrows, and a booty primed for bikini season. Looking for a reason to better your body this season? Consider Ross’s dedication your welcome wake-up call.

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Look, no bingo wings! Olive oil, mopping the floor and all the other tricks stars use to avoid flabby arms after 40

By | Press

27 June 2018

For many women, there’s a downside to the glorious weather — having to unveil their dreaded ‘bingo wings’.

As we get older, the muscles and skin on the upper arms naturally become looser. Female hormones can also lead to fat accumulating around this area, further causing it to sag.

Yet First Lady Melania Trump, 48, and Queen Letizia of Spain, 45, were able to show off perfect arms when they posed on the red carpet last week.

So, how do they do it? SADIE NICHOLAS reports on the stars who have banished the bingo wings…

When fortysomething power wives Melania Trump (near right) and Queen Letizia of Spain (far right) were pictured together outside the White House last week, it looked like they were there to discuss the latest arms deal — their arms, that is.

Letizia is a former TV presenter who married King Felipe in 2004, and they have two daughters. Vogue magazine called her toned biceps an ‘inspiration’.

A keen tennis player, she is also regularly seen sailing and skiing — all of which give the arms an intense workout. Her real secret, however, is the Perricone diet — a doctor-devised regime that puts anti-inflammatory food at its core.

When the body becomes inflamed (caused by eating sugar or refined carbohydrates), there is a possible increase in cell damage and accelerated signs of ageing: all bad for bingo wings.

The strict regime advocates eating antioxidant-packed salmon twice a day and plenty of green vegetables.

Meanwhile, Melania reportedly tries to eat at least seven pieces of fruit a day, to keep her skin in tip-top condition.

She revealed she usually starts off her day with either a bowl of fibre-rich oatmeal or a nutrient-packed smoothie ‘with a few ingredients and lots of vitamins in it’.

At 53, Liz Hurley still runs upstairs with a suitcase

What does Liz Hurley put her shapely arms down to? Carrying her own Louis Vuitton luggage.

The actress (left), 53, explained: ‘I can never be bothered to ask a nice man to pick up my bags. I’m always heaving them myself — I’ve got five flights of stairs in my house and I run up and down them with a suitcase at least five times a week.’

She also has a strict diet, saying she’d rather sip soup than devour a cupcake: ‘I’ll make a vat of vegetable soup and have a cup of it whenever I am tempted to raid the fridge.’

Suranne, 39, had a TV ‘plank squad’

Ahead of filming the TV drama Doctor Foster, Suranne Jones (right) revealed she performed regular ‘planks’ to tone her arms.

The exercise — during which you support a perfectly straight body on the floor on your forearms and toes — is terrific for strengthening the core, shoulders and biceps.

Planking also allows you to build muscle, while making sure that you are not putting too much pressure on your spine or hips. Furthermore, it helps to elevate the body’s metabolic rate — burning fat.

Suranne said she performed the move for five minutes at a time with her ‘plank squad’ of cast and crew.

At home, lifting her toddler son will have boosted her arm definition.

Jerry Hall, 61, puts it down to housework

By the time they qualify for a free bus pass, most women are resigned to wearing sleeves that disguise their bingo wings — but not 61-y

ear-old Jerry Hall.

A former model, she swears that her age- defying taut arms are the result of housework and doing the gardening at the home. ‘You can burn a lot of calories mopping the house,’ she has said.

Jerry also revealed that she slathers olive oil all over her arms once a week, to keep the skin soft.

This may not be as bonkers as it sounds: studies have found the antioxidants it contains can help firm ageing skin.

She also uses the ‘time-erasing’ £140 Creme de la Mer body lotion and has previously revealed that she visits London’s plush Hale Clinic for Ayurvedic hot oil massages.

‘Body armour’ and bungee rope for Cate Blanchett, 49

Cate Blanchett’s arms are slim, defined and toned. Their perfect definition may be down to the ‘horrendous’ cardio and weights exercises that celebrity trainer Luke Zocchi put the actress through when she was filming Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok.

Each of the sessions only took 20 minutes, but she’d do several a day, in between filming scenes.

Along with arm-defining push-ups, crawls and bicep curls, Zocchi also advocates a fiendish bit of equipment called an ‘ankorr harness’.

This looks like a piece of body armour attached to two bungee cords fixed to a wall. To do a workout, you put it on and then undertake exercises such as crawling away from the bungee cords — a difficult challenge that quickly tones the arms and shoulders.

Halle Berry, 51, is boxing clever

Oscar-winning movie star Halle Berry (right), posts details of her hardcore workouts on Instagram for her 2.6 million followers.

Her sensational arms are the result of kettlebell training — a cast-iron weight used by Victorian strongmen. These can typically weigh up to 35kg.

Arm-shredding exercises include swinging the weights by the handle to build muscle fibres, lifting them above the head or carrying them up and down a track — burning up to 800 calories an hour.

Halle also does boxing and weight-lifting, fuelled by ‘bone broth’, a watery soup made with bones simmered for 24 hours that is full of protein and collagen to keep skin wrinkle-free.

Organic is best for Bond girl Jane, 67

Although Bond girl Jane Seymour is pushing 70, she still has arms that would make 007 weak with lust.

She puts her incredible figure down to willpower, workouts and only ‘three or four’ Maltesers at a time, as well as chasing around after her young grandchildren. The Malibu-based British beauty says she owes her firm arm muscles to an organic diet, plus yoga and Pilates, which she’s been practising since 1976.

She has said: ‘I try to eat leafy green vegetables, berries, kale juice, arugula [rocket] and spinach and get my protein through fish and lean meats.’

Jennifer Aniston, 49, is yoga-friendly

In the nineties, every woman wanted Jennifer Aniston’s hair. Now, they want her sexy arms. Despite having loved a sneaky cigarette and calorific Mexican food, the twice-married Friends star has the figure of a twentysomething.

Her yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber, revealed she does vinyasa flow yoga with the star three times a week.

This hardcore yoga is a fast sequence that involves plenty of arm balances. Mandy said: ‘Vinyasa flow is one of the best things for your arms because you are doing multiple push-ups. The reason [Jennifer] has tone, but is also lean, has to do with [the fact that] when we do the flow, her own body weight is incorporated.’

Gwyneth Paltrow, 45, gains from pain

Gwyneth has advocated many bizarre methods — but those lithe arms are the result of a tough workout.

She’s a fan of trainer Tracy Anderson, whose regime involves extending your arms at shoulder height for five minutes then slowly doing tiny movements.

It soon becomes agony, but hardcore Gwyneth even does it with dumbbells.

It’s easy as 3-2-1 for Kate Beckinsale, 44

The action star has the body of a woman half her age. She says her sculpted arms are thanks to trainer Ramona Braganza, who devised the 3-2-1 method — three sets of cardio, two sets of strength training and one set of core exercises.

She also practises yoga and recently dated a 21-year-old — which surely kept her mind on her figure.

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Tick Bite Meat Allergy Cases Are On the Rise

By | Press

27 June 2018

Celebrity trainer and super-fit mama Tracy Anderson has always been known as a trendsetter and once again is on the cutting edge of a new trend—except this time it has nothing to do with workouts or yoga pants. She shared that she has alpha-gal syndrome, an allergy to red meat (and sometimes dairy) that’s triggered by a tick bite, in a new interview with Health.

Last summer, a few hours after eating ice cream, she became covered in hives and ended up in the hospital being treated for an extreme allergic reaction. Eventually, she was able to connect her symptoms to a tick bite she’d gotten while hiking and was diagnosed with alpha-gal syndrome. But it’s not just hikers who need to be worried. Due to exploding tick populations in North America, this tick bite meat allergy is on the rise. While 10 years ago there were maybe a dozen cases, doctors estimate there are now likely more than 5,000 in the U.S. alone, as reported by NPR. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Are Tick Bites Causing Meat and Dairy Allergies?

You can blame this strange tick bite meat allergy connection on the Lone Star tick, a type of deer tick identified by the distinctive white spot on the backs of females. When the tick bites an animal and then a human, it may transfer molecules of a carbohydrate found in mammal blood and red meat named galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose, or alpha-gal for short. There’s still a lot that scientists don’t know about the alpha-gal allergy, but the thinking is that human bodies don’t produce alpha-gal but, rather, have an immune response to it. While most people have no problems digesting it in its natural form, when you’re bitten by an alpha-gal carrying tick, it seems to trigger some sort of an immune response that makes you sensitive to any food containing it. (Speaking of weird allergies, could you be allergic to your gel manicure?)

Strangely enough, most people won’t be affected—including people with type B or AB blood, who are five times less likely to develop the allergy, according to a new research—but for others, this tick bite can trigger this allergic reaction to red meat, including beef, pork, goat, venison, and lamb, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (ACAAI). In rare cases, like Anderson’s, it can also make you allergic to dairy products, such as butter and cheese.

The scary part? You won’t know if you’re one of the people affected by it until you eat your next steak or hot dog. Symptoms of a meat allergy can be mild, especially at first, with people reporting a stuffy nose, rash, itching, headache, nausea, and tingling after eating meat. With each exposure, your reaction can become more severe, progressing to hives and even anaphylaxis, a severe and life-threatening allergic reaction that can close off your airway and requires immediate medical attention, according to the ACAAI. Symptoms usually start between two and eight hours after eating meat, and the alpha-gal allergy can be diagnosed with a simple blood test.

There is one bright spot, however: Unlike other frustrating or potentially harmful allergies, people seem to outgrow alpha-gal within three to five years.

And before you panic and cancel all your hikes, campouts, and outdoor runs through fields of flowers, know this: Ticks are relatively easy to guard against, says Christina Liscynesky, M.D., an infectious disease specialist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. The first step is knowing your risk. Lone Star ticks are found primarily in the south and east, but their territory seems to be spreading quickly. Check this CDC map regularly to see how active they are in your area. (Take note: Ticks can carry Lyme disease and the Powassan virus, too.)

Then, read up on how to prevent tick bites. For starters, wear tight-fitting clothes that cover all your skin any time you’re out in grassy or wooded areas, says Dr. Liscynesky. (Yes, that means tuck your pants into your socks, no matter how dorky it looks!) Ticks can’t bite skin they can’t find. Wearing light colors can also help you spot the critters faster.

But perhaps the best news is that ticks generally crawl around on your body for up to 24 hours before settling down to bite you (is that good news?!) so your best defense is a good “tick check” after being outdoors. Using either a mirror or a partner, check your whole body—including tick hot spots like your scalp, groin, armpits, and between your toes.

“Check your body for ticks daily when camping or hiking or if you live in a tick-heavy area,” she advises—even if you use a good insect repellent. P.S. It’s important to put on bug spray or lotion after your sunscreen.

If you find a tick and it hasn’t attached yet, simply brush it off and crush it. If you’re bitten, use tweezers to remove it ASAP from your skin, making sure to dislodge all mouthparts, says Dr. Liscynesky. “Wash a tick bite site with soap and water and cover with a bandage; no antibiotic ointment required.”

If you remove the tick quickly, chances of getting any illness from it are low. If you’re not sure how long it’s been in your skin or if you start to experience symptoms like a fever, hives, or rash, call your doctor immediately, she says. (Related: Here’s What You Need to Know About Chronic Lyme Disease) If you have problems breathing, call 911 or go to the ER right away.

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