Virtual Personal Training

Stay in, work out. Virtual private training with a Tracy Anderson trainer is now available for studio members and non-members to allow for personally led workouts in the comfort of your own home. Prior to your first virtual private training session, a customized workout program is designed by The Tracy Anderson Prescription Team to support your body and meet your physical goals. This design process begins with a virtual consultation meeting with The Prescription Team at a scheduled date and time.

Members of The Prescription Team have diligently studied under Tracy’s guidance for upwards of a decade, making it the only team in the industry with knowledge to prescribe Tracy Anderson Method content for individual needs. Until now, access to The Prescription Team has been exclusive to our in-studio members, providing them with the physical and nutritional customization they need to achieve their best results. With virtual private training sessions, the highly coveted services of The Prescription Team are delivered straight to your home, working one-on-one with you to customize a program that guarantees your success.


We offer single virtual private training sessions and packages of five (5) virtual private training sessions. Every new virtual private training client must purchase and attend a virtual consultation with the Tracy Anderson Prescription Team. Following the virtual consultation, a customized workout program is designed for the client. The first virtual private training session will be scheduled after the customized private training program is created by the Tracy Anderson Prescription Team.

How it Works

  1. Submit the Non-Member Virtual Private Training Request Form to schedule a virtual consultation with a member of the Tracy Anderson Prescription Team.
  2. A member of our concierge team will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your virtual consultation. Note: all communications will take place in English (Spanish available upon request).
  3. The virtual consultation with the Tracy Anderson Prescription Team will be scheduled and completed.
  4. You will be assigned a designated Prescription Team trainer who will create your custom virtual private training program.
  5. Our scheduling team will contact you to schedule your virtual private training session(s).
  6. Virtual private training consultations and sessions are available from 6AM – 8PM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and Central European Standard Time (CET).

Non-Member Pricing

  • 30-minute virtual body consultation: $100 (plus any applicable taxes)
  • Single virtual private training session: $200 (plus any applicable taxes)*
  • 5 virtual private training sessions: $950 (plus any applicable taxes)*
  • 10 virtual private training sessions: $1,900 (plus any applicable taxes)*

*Consultation sold separately.

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