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MYMODE is the ultimate green workout program by Tracy Anderson. Designed to feel like an extension of your body, MYMODE is a one-of-a-kind apparatus that expands and mutates into diverse forms. With its own universe of custom content, MYMODE is the only workout equipment that grows with you.

MYMODE Elect is the natural evolution of this journey. 


Choose the focus area that’s right for your body. With MYMODE Elect, you may purchase bundles of individual MYMODE pieces, and unlock the custom content of each bundle in the Online Studio. If you fall in love with the MYMODE journey, you can eventually purchase all three bundles and Key Kit to gain unlimited access to the full MYMODE program.

MYMODE Elect is all about building a MYMODE journey that works for you. Since the inception of MYMODE, Tracy has been passionate about creating different avenues for you to experience the power of this program. The results of this nature-driven movement practice are unlike anything else. MYMODE keeps your body in discovery mode, consistently opening new opportunities for more definition, more toning, and more elongation throughout the body. Now, you can experience the unmatched energy of this practice in your own way.


Exclusive for Subscribers

MYMODE Elect is a program exclusive to Online Studio + TA LIVE subscribers. MYMODE Elect content is personally choreographed–designed specifically for the unique features of each bundle. This content is released weekly, and led by one of Tracy’s trainers in the Online Studio.

If you’re already an Online Studio subscriber, you can upgrade your subscription to include TA LIVE to access MYMODE Elect content.


The Hand & Band Bundle
For the adventurer


Take your MYMODE journey anywhere with the ultimate portable bundle. With our custom hand weights and resistance bands, take your movement practice to new heights.


  • 1 set of 3 lb hand weights
  • 4 bands
  • Exclusive access to “Hand & Band” MYMODE Elect content in the Online Studio*

Payment plans starting as low as

$42/month with

The Staff & Puck Bundle
For the warrior


Focus on the strength of your upper body, and experience the power of deep lengthening exercises with the Staff & Puck bundle.


  • 1 staff
  • 1 puck with staff socket
  • Exclusive access to “Staff & Puck” MYMODE Elect content in the Online Studio*

Payment plans starting as low as

$56/month with

The Box Bundle
For the innovator


Note: MYMODE sold out again and will begin reshipping by July 1st

Stay grounded with The Box Bundle, which includes the multileveled platform box and knee pad. With three height levels, feel the intensity of multidirectional movement.


  • 1 next generation box (2 staff sockets and three height levels)
  • 1 supportive landing pad
  • Exclusive access to “Box” MYMODE Elect content in the Online Studio*

Payment plans starting as low as

$112/month with

*To unlock MYMODE Elect content associated with your bundle, an Online Studio + TA LIVE subscription is required.

Unlock the full MYMODE experience


After purchasing all three bundles, The Key Kit unlocks the full MYMODE experience, complete with ankle and staff weights. This kit provides you with total access to all MYMODE content in the Online Studio.


  • 1 set of ankle weights
  • 2 attachable staff weights
  • 1 organic MYMODE towel
  • By purchasing The Key Kit alone, you will not unlock the full MYMODE content experience or any MYMODE Elect content. Exclusive access to all MYMODE content in the Online Studio* is only available if you have already purchased all 3 MYMODE Elect bundles in addition to The Key Kit.

Payment plans starting as low as

$77/month with

Begin the journey

MYMODE Elect is a program exclusively available to members with an Online Studio + TA LIVE subscription. In order to experience MYMODE Elect, you must become an Online Studio + TA LIVE subscriber first.

To upgrade your Online Studio subscription to include TA LIVE, please click below.

This is your choice, your lane, your timeline. Experience Tracy’s ultimate program in your own way.


Thank you for your interest in the MYMODE Elect Key Kit. 

Just a heads-up: the MYMODE Elect Key Kit does not unlock any additional content. Do you still wish to proceed with your purchase? 

Please note that all MYMODE Elect content is exclusively available to members with an active Online Studio + TA Live subscription. Please contact us at with any questions.