The Tracy Anderson Method is a revolutionary fitness program, designed for strategic muscular design.

Tracy spent years studying the body, conducting studies and research into what it takes to see consistent results. The secret to the ultimate balanced body? More choreography. Collaborating with experts, Tracy found that the only way to achieve consistent muscular design in the long run was to perform new sequences every week, building off what came before to keep your body in discovery mode.

At the time, such a program didn’t exist. So, she decided to create it.

After all the research, studies, and content creation, the Tracy Anderson Method blew up in the early 2000s as the most effective workout in the game. The goal was to consistently create balance where there is imbalance in the body, while preserving physical longevity. The muscular structure workouts tone the body through movements that protect joints, expand flexibility, and improve mobility.


Tracy's 25 years of research, scientific advancements, and innovative muscle exhaustion sequences form the basis of the method. It targets both major and accessory muscles, preventing plateaus and promoting mind-body connection.

Tracy conducted her first research study on 150 women, and she learned that not speaking during the workout heightens brain activity, engaging your mind-body connection for a more metabolically effective workout. By tracking her movements, you’ll put your physical self in the driver’s seat. You will see and feel results immediately, and experience supreme body design in the long run.


The Online Studio offers Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of classes led by Tracy or her Senior Trainers through video-on-demand streaming. New class content is released every 7 to 10 days.

Each level builds upon the previous one, adding new weight transfers and more complex positions. This strategy consistently opens up new neural pathways and keeps your body in discovery mode, giving you next-level results that are actually sustainable.

The first time you experience the Tracy Anderson Method, it’ll take a moment for your body to get used to it. You may get lost tracking her movements, or a sequence might challenge a part of your body you’ve never engaged before. That’s normal–you’ll start to feel your body strengthen and expand in new ways after a week, and the results will speak for themselves. 

Start wherever feels comfortable to you, as the levels are designed to mix and match. The Method is all about consistency, and in order to stick to it, you have to honor the fact that your body will feel different from week to week. We offer classes for every moment of life. At TA, there are no rules–we empower you to continuously evolve the conversation with your body.


Designed for newcomers to the Method (or exercise in general), the Beginner classes focus on foundational techniques and developing muscular structure. Hand and leg weights are optional.


The Intermediate class is for members with experience and knowledge of the Tracy Anderson Method. These classes reinforce strength and prepare for the advanced program. Form and performance are emphasized.


For members with advanced experience, the Advanced classes focus on mastery of the choreography, enhanced mind-body connection, and integrated sequences for unreal results.

Elective Content

Our Elective content gives you the option to add more color to every week’s workout. From stretches to dance, these classes will keep your mind and body engaged over time.

Dance Cardio Sessions

Expressive dance classes that get your heart pumping.

MultiTAsk Mashups

Combining muscular structure exercises with cardio.

15-Minute Body Boosts

Quick workouts targeting specific areas, such as arms, abs, and lower body.

His Workout

Specifically designed for men.

Standing Sequences

Tracy's signature chair program.

Your Results

At Tracy Anderson, consistency is key. To achieve total-body results, aim to perform class content 4 to 7 days per week, and focus on mastering each week's new choreography.


Our team is here to support you every step of your TA journey. You can reach our Customer Success Team by email at