We are so glad to have you on this weekly journey with Tracy. If this is your first time experiencing the Tracy Anderson Method, or you are in need of a refresh on Tracy’s proprietary strategic design of your muscles and how the program works, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Science & Strategy

You are how you move. Tracy has spent 20 focused years designing the bodies of people from every genetic background by conducting intensive research studies, leaning into the latest advancements in science and invention, and evolving her Method with new, weekly strategic muscle exhaustion sequences that create physical balance where there is imbalance. As a pioneer of the fitness industry, Tracy's contributions of content are celebrated daily with success stories from clients located in more than 50 different countries.

Unlike other programs that only target the major muscle groups, the Tracy Anderson Method also focuses on the accessory muscles. With the former, people tend to build bulk, and then they invariably plateau, finding that they cannot continue to change their bodies. The Tracy Anderson Method is different, though, as is a proprietary strategy for your muscles.

During Tracy's first research study on 150 women at the start of her mission, she learned that she can keep your brain more engaged if she does not speak to you during your workout, and you follow her as if you would while playing a video game. This has proven to strengthen the mind-body connection, and facilitate the burning of more calories. Becoming good at tracking her is going to be part of your success in this ever-evolving journey. You will see and feel results immediately, but what you will experience over time is that she is designing your body in a way that you won't ever plateau.

The Roots

In the Online Studio, you will find three levels of strategically designed classes which are the roots - the essential content to follow for your results - of the program that evolves each week. Tracy's beginner level classes feature 30 minutes of content designed to help you understand and map out the neurological pathways in your brain of the different angles she uses. Here is also where Tracy begins to introduce to you the importance of weight transfers. This level is a great place for you to understand the detail that drives the results, especially if this is your first time practicing the Method. Next, you will move to Tracy's intermediate level classes which take the foundation of what you built in the beginner program, and put it into action through an hour-long class. From there, you will level up to her advanced, master classes where you are attaining those positions each and every week.

Start wherever feels comfortable to you, but the root has to be completed each week. For the most part, you will stay in your lane, or class level, as it’s best to be consistent. However, if you are currently working within Tracy's advanced level, and one week she introduces a new theme and you aren’t feeling the necessary strength or flexibility to execute, you can move to the intermediate level and continue to work on the foundation. This is all part of the strategy, and the inner conversation you will continuously have with yourself.

New classes are released every Wednesday evening, EST for you to follow for the next 7 days before moving on to the next class. Trainer breakdown videos are available for each new class level to provide additional guidance on the angles, extensions, and weight transfers needed with each repetition during Tracy's classes. Following class, we recommend watching Tracy's 'End of Class Chat' to hear from her as she shares tips about the particular routine for the week, and more details about the strategy behind the latest content.


The beginner class is designed for anyone new to the Tracy Anderson Method, or new to exercise in general. Throughout these weekly classes with Tracy, you will learn the foundation and technique of the Method - where your muscular structure is being developed from the inside out while we build strength and awaken your accessory muscles. And don't worry about the hand and leg weights if you do not have them yet. You will get there!


The intermediate class is designed for Online Studio members with experience and knowledge of the Tracy Anderson Method, and feel ready to master the angles found in the beginner programs. Here, Tracy will build on your strength for weight transfer support and prepare your muscular structure for the advanced program. This intermediate level is all about the form and performance! Remember, the more times you can get your workouts in each week, the more your muscles will remember the sequences, therefore enhancing your results.


The advanced class is designed for Online Studio members with advanced experience and knowledge of the Tracy Anderson Method, and feel ready to master the angles and choreography like never before. Here, you will build the bridge of your mind-body connection, and learn the integrated sequences that will help you achieve the body you desire. Remember, the truth of your performance is the truth of your results - especially now!

Elective Content

We care about you moving all the time. That's why throughout the week, elective content performed by our training team will be released in the Online Studio to support you in a variety of fun ways. So remember to check back in for new stretching sessions, mid-day endurance boosters, workouts for him, chair programming, and more. This content will not offer the strategy that is found in Tracy's weekly class sequences, but it will keep you moving with the Tracy Anderson Method - because the more you move, the healthier you are.

Dance Cardio Sessions

Dance Cardio with Tracy
Low Impact Cardio
Intermediate Cardio
Advanced Cardio
12 Days of Cardio Holiday Series

MultiTAsk Mashups

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MultiTAsk Cardio

15-Minute Body Boosts

Morning Reach
Evening Reach
Arm Toners
Ab & Spine Toners
Lower Body Toners
Total Body Toners
Endurance Burst

His Workout

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Standing Sequences

Tracy's Signature Chair Program

Your Results

On day 1 of following the latest class content, you may not be able to execute each move perfectly, and that is okay. What you find impossible on day 1, you will be surprised and amazed at your mastery of the moves by day 7. For optimal results, please schedule time for yourself to perform the class content 4 to 7 days per week.

Remember that this is a design intensive program. Your results will not come from one move, or one week, but all of the week's content together. Your goal should be to master the current week's content at your level so that you are ready for the following week.


The best way to learn the Tracy Anderson Method is simply to start doing it, and to think of it as studying a new language. We know you will have questions while on this wellness journey, and our team is here to support you every step of the way. You can reach our Customer Success Team by email at