The revolutionary Metamorphosis by Tracy program is the at-home translation of the Tracy Anderson Method: It’s the perfect solution for devotees who do not live near a Tracy Anderson studio. Through this intensive DVD series, you will defy your genetics and completely transform your body by doing the same workouts that are created for clients in the studios. And like in the studio, the routines change completely every 10 days to ensure that the accessory muscles are consistently challenged and that you never plateau. While the Tracy Anderson Method is far from easy, it’s wildly effective and efficient—and that’s as it should be. This program is one where the effort is commensurate with the results, where there are no empty promises. If you follow Tracy’s lead, she will give you a body you never believed you could have.

Once you have completed Metamorphosis, you can enroll in Continuity, which ensures that your muscular structure workout will continue to evolve every 10 days.



There are four different incarnations of Metamorphosis by Tracy, all dedicated to a different body type (Glutecentric, Hipcentric, Abcentric, Omnicentric). Each version of this 90-day program includes four discs of muscular structure work (nine workouts in total, to transition through every 10 days) that’s designed to target problem areas and address the imbalances of each specific body shape. In addition, there’s a cardio component, a dynamic eating plan, and a measuring tape and chart to record your progress. Tracy asks that you to spend an hour a day, six days per week, exercising. Each workout includes 30 minutes of muscular structure work, and 30 minutes of cardio.



Metamorphosis by Tracy only requires a yoga mat and a set of three pound weights. It’s also wise to keep a towel and water nearby. As you progress through Metamorphosis Continuity, which is the next phase of the program, you’ll need a few extra tools.



By adhering to her meal plan for at least 30 days (60 or 90 if you have a considerable amount of weight to lose), Tracy can put you on the path to a lifestyle of eating well. The ultimate goal is to get you to a point where you can eat what you want: Tracy does, but she’s been doing her Method for more than a decade!


Metamorphosis Continuity is the next phase of Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis by Tracy. As you progress through your evolving muscular structure workouts—which continue to change every 10 days—you’ll find you’re capable of increasingly complex and challenging moves. Not only will these advanced workouts ensure that your muscles keep lengthening and leaning, but the choreography requires that you use your mind to stay focused and connected, too. At no point will your body be on auto-pilot, and at no point will your results ever plateau.


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