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May 12, 2023
By: TA Editorial Team

Who doesn’t love a challenge?


We don’t do social media challenges often. But when we do, we go all in. For this pre-summer nutrition challenge, the journey alone will be worthwhile (but the prizes are definitely ones to get excited about). Join Tracy and her two resident chefs, Ali Cruddas and Sam Talbot, for three weeks of cooking recipes from the latest weekly content within the Online Studio: The Weekly Menus


Challenges have their rewards. 


For the Illuminate Your Body Challenge, there are three prizes you will be entering to win. Our third place winner will receive a TA gift card, worth $500.00, to shop from our curated webshop of beauty, retail, equipment, and so much more. For our second place prize, you will be able to choose one of our 2023 *ViTality Weeks to attend in Sag Harbor. The first place winner will have the luxury of choosing one of our 2023 ViTAlity Weeks to attend in Sag Harbor AND select one of the Tracy Anderson X Tracee Nichols collaboration necklaces from our shop. 


*You have to be able to attend one of the 2023 ViTAlity Weeks in Sag Harbor this summer—either July (20th-24th) or August (17th-21st) as the challenge does not extend beyond this season. Travel and accommodations not included.


We don’t make the rules (okay, maybe we do)—but you do have to play by them. 


We know how good it all sounds, and we need to make sure you know the rules before you join us in the kitchen for the next 3 weeks. This is a social media challenge: we need all feed posts to be public, they need to include tags to Tracy’s personal handle (@tracyandersonmethod) and the Online Studio (@tracyandersononlinestudio), and they also need to include the following hashtags: #tamilluminateyourbody #holisticliving #cleaneating #foodie 


To successfully enter the challenge: First, you will need to download the latest Weekly Menu: Nourish and Thrive. Second, post a picture to your feed—with the above hashtags and handles—of a photo of the menu, your shopping list, or any photo that shows you’re on your way to get the ingredients this week. This needs to happen before the challenge officially begins on Monday, May 15th


Want to know how to stand out? Our incredible judges for this challenge also happen to be Tracy’s resident chefs with years of training and culinary expertise. Follow their tips to increase your chance of capturing their attention:


  • The Eyes Eat First:
    • Think about how you plate your food. As chefs, you entice with the visual—get creative.
  • Make It Personal:
    • Feel free to add your personal touch to each post: a picture of you cooking the food, eating or talking about the food, your family eating the food, or even a meme! Anything that captures your challenge experience.
  • Sunday Reflection Posts:
    • Every Sunday (5/21, 5/28, and 6/4), you will need to share a post that reflects on the week’s recipes. Did you witness any changes to your digestion or sleep? How does your body look and feel? Bonus if you share about mental clarity, increased mindfulness, or related experiences.
  • 22 Feed Posts
    • That’s it, that’s the number. One entry post (to happen between 5/12-5/14), and then 21 days of evidence for your challenge participation. This cannot be only shared to stories, it needs to be in your permanent grid so that the judges can see it when it happens and when they will be determining the winners during the first week of June. 


We know the above sounds like a *lot*. But trust us when we say these prizes and your health benefits are worth it. Throughout the challenge, we will also be resharing moments from the content we are tagged in, so keep that in mind when you include us on your journey. Your photo or video could be featured in our spotlight. 


We cannot wait to explore our palates and health with you all. 

Still have questions? Please reach out to our team directly at