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July 22, 2022
By: TA Editorial Team

Oxana Lauer, who’s based in Düsseldorf, Germany, has been a devoted TAmily member since 2012. Having been introduced to the Tracy Anderson Method by way of the fitness pioneer’s best-selling Metamorphosis DVD, the already-athletic Lauer took on each movement as she would any workout.

“I thought I could handle it at first but couldn’t move my legs for a week without feeling Tracy on every inch of my body,” Lauer, who has since upgraded to a TA Online Studio and TA LIVE membership, tells The Edit. “She woke up parts of my body I never acknowledged before.”

Lauer shares more about her journey below.


On Her Routine

“I do my Tracy Anderson Method workout 5-7 times per week, through the TA Online Studio, and boost it with TA LIVE as much as I can. I gave up other workouts 8 years ago.”

On the Workout

“I’ve tried many workouts in the past, but Tracy’s workout always goes deeper—not only because of the intensive and engaging training of my small muscles, but also because my brain and emotions are also being exercised. It gives me the time to breathe, think, and process. It’s a whole-body and soul workout that shows me how to grow from the inside out.”


“TA LIVE introduced me to many beautiful souls all around the globe who share at least one thing in common: We are ready to evolve our mind, body, and soul. Tracy’s Method develops with me and my body every step of the way. My personal growth is never stunted.”

Upgrade your TA Online Studio subscription to include TA LIVE and connect with Tracy’s world-renowned trainers, from the comfort of your home. In addition to 240+ virtual live classes every month, a TA LIVE membership also includes full access to every issue of Tracy Anderson Magazine for a wellness boost from the inside and out.