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October 28, 2020
By: TA Editorial Team

We’re ambitious. We’re busy. We’re all out navigating this crazy thing called life. And while we are out juggling the world, time does a funny thing. It sneaks up on us and we start experiencing things like low energy levels, brain fog, health niggles and slower recovery times after working out. But did you know that the answer to why we start feeling these things as we age, could actually be in our cells?

The human body is composed of trillions of cells.

And inside these cells are something called the mitochondria, tiny bean-shaped organelles responsible for generating the energy our body needs to function and stay in optimal health. Every single activity our body performs – from chewing and digesting food, to pumping blood to and from the heart – requires energy. And the mitochondria help supply this cell energy which all of our vital organs, muscles, blood, skin and much more need to ensure our body runs as it should.

As part of the energy production process, the mitochondria produce a vital antioxidant called CoQ10, which essentially helps them neutralize potentially-damaging free radicals. However, as we age, our mitochondria can become less efficient, and after the age of 30, the mitochondria’s natural CoQ10 production can decline about 10% with each passing decade. As a result, our mitochondria produce less energy and cell health and function can become sub-optimal, resulting in increasing feelings of fatigue, slow recovery from exercise or illness, stress, brain fog and problems with sleep.

You might be asking, “can’t I just take a CoQ10 supplement to help?” The answer is yes, but for it to be most effective, the CoQ10 needs to be able to get inside the mitochondria, where this antioxidant is actually used by the body. CoQ10 supplements are widely available, but the molecules in regular CoQ10 supplements (including its active form ubiquinol) are actually too large to effectively pass through the mitochondria’s outer membrane. That means, the majority of the CoQ10 gets absorbed into the bloodstream WITHOUT reaching the mitochondria – where it is needed the most!

If you’re really wanting an antioxidant that benefits your body’s important cellular energy supply, you might want to look into a unique and advanced form of CoQ10 that is specifically designed to reach the mitochondria. In fact, it can penetrate the secure mitochondrial membrane hundreds of times more effectively than regular CoQ10. This “smart supplement” is called MitoQ – it’s a powerful antioxidant that takes the active part of CoQ10, makes it smaller and adds a positive charge that enables it to be sucked into the negatively-charged mitochondria. Unlike many other supplements on the market today, the safety and efficacy of MitoQ has been supported by 9 clinical trials, 20 years of research, over 400 independent published papers and millions of dollars of research. It has been studied by Harvard Medical School, UCLA, University of Oxford and the Mayo Clinic.

So, what does this mean for you?

Although everyone’s body is unique, people who try MitoQ frequently notice increased energy levels, improved endurance and shortened recovery times for sports, improved mental focus, less stress, better sleep and an overall lift in wellbeing.

Tracy Anderson is one such fan of MitoQ and has been taking it for over a year. “I believe that total wellness starts from within – everything you put into your body can have a significant impact on your health. Like most people, I lead an exceptionally busy life – I work hard, I train daily, and I’m a devoted mom to two kids. I don’t have time to be tired or take days to myself to chill in bed – it’s critical that my body performs at its best, and that I have the energy to get me through my busy days. And MitoQ helps me do that.”

Like Tracy, we’re all busy and trying to live our best life while time quickly marches on. We’re all looking for ways to stay on top of priorities and live a healthier, more balanced life. Aging may be inevitable, but who says it has to slow us down?

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