Fitness Waiver

As part of the Tracy Anderson Online Studio community, we ask that you review our Member Code of Conduct to establish a respectful and supportive environment for all members and training staff.

  1. The Locker Room is home to the official Tracy Anderson community message board. Inside this space, we encourage insightful conversations among members and the formation of new friendships.
  2. Kindness here is key. Conversations based on hatred or discrimination, bullying, body shaming, or negativity of any kind – from member to member, or member to Tracy/training staff, will not be accepted.
  3. Sharing advice, asking questions, and connecting with one another is why Tracy created the Locker Room. However, selling your own products and promotions, or making solicitations is not permitted.
  4. The Locker Room is a safe space for you to express yourself before, or after class. Our team is actively listening and will routinely join conversations, however, if you have direct questions please contact us at

We appreciate your cooperation in following the above guidelines!

Online Studio Management