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5 Easy Workout Moves From Tracy Anderson


For Tracy Anderson, workouts don’t get a weekend. For her, it’s all about, “the right mentality. If you don’t have what it takes to stay focused, be consistent, and show up, then there isn’t anything that can help you,” says Tracy. “Having the right frame of mind, the right moves, and the right music makes a perfect workout.” It’s a method that Tracy honed over five years before launching her dance cardio program. “I worked very hard and focused on creating balance where there was an imbalance in bodies,” says Tracy. “I decided to create balanced choreography that was like being in a game on a court, stage, or field. Where you are constantly in the game, reaching powerful highs and your brain has to really participate.” And it’s something that isn’t exclusive to her physical environments having introduced her digital studio earlier this year bringing her techniques to a global audience.

“I believe in customization,” says Tracy of her workouts. “I created the first pregnancy set of workouts for every month of pregnancy so that women are in support of their body and what is occurring instead of trying to fit into a workout that is one size fits all.” It was during VB’s pregnancy with daughter Harper that she was first introduced to Tracy’s method. Similarly, Tracy advises those seeking fitness while injured should aim to protect and prevent future stress on the body. “It’s so important to slow down and understand what needs time to heal, or what support is required to heal. Your workout should be to extend your quality of life, not shorten it.”

It’s a philosophy that Tracy also applies outside the studio. “Getting your nutrition from real food is the most powerful way of feeding your health,” says Tracy who eschews processed foods in favour of lots of greens, antioxidants, and organic products. Another component to achieve a sense of balance in all aspects of life? “A focus on family and relationships that are willing to show up for you too,” says Tracy who lives by the precepts of, “tolerance, resiliency, and kindness.” It’s those ideals that propelled her to start her studio. “Trust in yourself that you know how to move in your body. Put on your favorite music, turn it up, don’t sensor or judge yourself, and just dance.” Below, Tracy exclusively shares five essential workout moves (in Reebok x Victoria Beckham) to get your body going.

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