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A Vogue Editor’s Guide to Getting Ready for Work at the Gym

Most weekday mornings, you can find me at Tracy Anderson Method in Tribeca by 6 or 7 a.m., where, after spending an hour or so on the mat, I shower, change, and do my best to look like a pulled-together human in less than 10 minutes. While learning to become a morning person over the years, I’ve developed a set of streamlined beauty routines to get out of the locker room and into the office in a flash. To be completely honest, most days I slap on a series of moisturizers and a tinted SPF before racing down to 1 World Trade, but if I need to look totally presentable by 9 a.m., here’s exactly what I do:

I only wash my hair two days a week, so preserving the blowout is key. Tracy’s class is heated, but sometimes I cheat and use a fan at my mat (sorry Tracy!) and put my hair into a sort of loose ballet-teacher-inspired bun with a non-crease-forming scrunchie. Immediately after exiting the 86-degree room, I blow dry my roots with cold air to dry any sweaty patches, then hit the area with a oil-absorbing dry shampoo. As a beauty editor, I’ve tried virtually every one on the market, and while there is no foolproof method to really saving your blowout, Drybar’s formula comes pretty close.

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