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How a world renowned health and fitness expert stays healthy during a stressful week

When your client list includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicole Richie, you know you are doing something right and Tracy Anderson has been doing something right for years. Before Soulcycle, before Barre and even before ClassPass, Anderson was getting some of the most famous people on the planet into tip-top shape and also helping them embrace their inner wellness guru. A 20-plus year veteran of the fitness industry, she is the founder of the renowned Tracy Anderson Method, which has several studio locations in the US, as well as London.  She has also expanded her reach to the rest of the world through her popular video streaming programs (the classes are over 50 countries.)

Though she has some very high-profile clients Anderson is relatable and that has been a huge part of her success. A lifelong dancer, she was constantly told she had the wrong body type at her short stature of only five feet tall. But it was in her early 20s after gaining weight during her first pregnancy that she decided to approach weight loss in a different way. She wrote in Women’s Health, “Sure, I wanted to lose my baby weight – but what I really wanted was to be healthy, strong, and balanced in a way I could sustain my whole life.” The idea behind her method was about weight loss but the essence of the workouts is the focus on lengthening and tiring many small muscles (think lots of repetitive movement and using light weights.) Ladders got a chance to speak with Anderson who recently teamed up with MitoQ, a biotech company focused on developing innovative supplements and skincare solutions to improve and support mitochondrial health, about how to stay healthy during those stressful long days at work especially as we approach the holiday season.

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