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The 10 most unique workouts in NYC – including Tracy Anderson Method.

Tracy Anderson is a New York City fitness darling if ever there was one: a former dancer who is friends with everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to the city’s top aestheticians. Anderson’s signature combination of dance and barre, the Tracy Anderson Method, has a cult following in the city. In fact, it was one of the first boutique fitness classes offered here– and possibly in the world.

The studio operates on a membership basis. TAM classes are upbeat and feel inherently danceable, despite the leg-quivering difficulty. But don’t be fooled: this toning cardio workout will make you shake, quake, and wonder how it is that a random muscle on the inside of your thigh could ever burn so much. This is also an iconic New York City workout that’s better with friends; classes are always full. There’s also a location in the Hamptons. Additionally, online memberships are available for those who want to get their Tracy fix at home or on-the-go. (A friend of mine who loves Tracy Anderson moved out of the city and now uses her online subscription religiously.)

Learn more about the other unique NYC workouts below.

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