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Work Out With Tracy Anderson in Steamboat

Celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson is bringing her GOOP/Gwyneth Paltrow-approved workout to Steamboat Springs’ Elevation Dance Studio in March.

But Gwyneth’s personal trainer (Paltrow is also Anderson’s business partner) doesn’t come cheap, and Anderson’s reputation—or maybe Gwynnie’s abs—have earned her a diverse list of celeb clients. Big name members of the TAMily include Jennifer Lopez, Lena Dunham, Victoria Beckham, Tracee Ellis Ross, and a flock of Victoria’s Secret angels.

So what’s so special about the Tracy Anderson Method (TAM)? It’s different from most conventional workouts, which tend to focus on larger muscle groups, in that TAM digs deep into the accessory muscles. There’s a lot of time spent on your hands and knees, kicking and thrusting and twisting and exhausting those smaller muscles to create a leaner look.

If little Steamboat Springs seems like an odd choice for an exclusive, super-upscale, celebrity-endorsed workout class to take place, well, it is. Anderson has hosted Vitality Weeks in Aspen (duh) over the years, but this time she’s eschewing Aspen in favor of Steamboat.

“I am a country and community girl at heart,” Anderson says (via a representative) of why she chose Steamboat. “I have worked really hard in my life in big cities to find the human connections that make me feel more in touch with nature instead of the material connections that make me feel farther from nature. To me, Steamboat isn’t sleepy, although the Sleeping Giant is the most majestic view. It isn’t trying too hard. It isn’t anything other than authentic, and its authentic beauty and all of the fun that comes with it with people that appreciate it keeps bringing me back.

“My brother-in-law found Steamboat 10 years ago, and I knew it was on my list of places I felt a true connection to that was more than just passing through. When I host a Vitality Week I have to feel a sense of authenticity for me to do my job well. I feel it there and I am excited to share it with my audience. I love it more every time I go.”

Anderson is bringing her Vitality Week to Steamboat Springs March 19-22, 2020.

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