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Somavedic Amber is Somavedic’s strongest model, 4x stronger than our bestseller, Vedic. If you want the ultimate EMF/5G effects mitigation, Amber is the solution.

Mitigating the effects of:
3G 4G 5G EMF Free radicals Geopathic zones

Suitable for:
Airplane City apartment Clinic Family home Hospital School Water

More information:
The epitome of strength and potency, standing as Somavedic’s most robust model, surpassing even the Vedic, Somavedic’s bestselling product, by an impressive fourfold margin. Designed to address the challenges posed by EMF-laden environments, especially in bustling city centers.

Amber proves to be the ultimate remedy for spaces seeking heightened harmonization.

4x stronger than Vedic with all its benefits and features
5G effects mitigation protects the human body from its adverse effects
Creates a more coherent, natural environment
Activates self-healing process in the body and mind
If you want the ultimate EMF effects mitigation device, Amber is the solution.

What’s included?
USB cable with a worldwide adapter.

The ultimate power in frequency therapy:
If you need to turn the volume up on EMF effects mitigation, Amber is the model for you. It is the uncompromising solution for that. Amber’s performance is 4x stronger than the Vedic, and it’s ideal for highly concentrated living areas like urban environments. It’s great for optimizing office space, corporate buildings, hotels, and your home.

How Somavedic works:
Somavedic is designed on the principle of controlled release of energy from precious and semi-precious stones. Creating a coherent field covering more than 2,800+ square feet. Somavedic creates a coherent, life-supporting field, with the radius of 30 m (100 feet) in all direcitons penetrating floors and walls.

Structured water – a better kind of H2O:
Somavedic Amber can create harmonized, structured water and help you increase your hydration capabilities. Just put your water next to the Somavedic, ideally not further than 20 cm (8 inches) away. The desired effect of 100% structured water occurs in 15-20 minutes. With Amber, you can enjoy spring-quality water with no compromise.

Proven positive effects:
Somavedic has been tested throughout time by different independent laboratories and is proven to have positive results on our cells and bodies. Its effects lead to improved speed of cell regeneration, and it has positive effects on HRV, cardiovascular and nervous system. Most of all, people experience better sleep and have more energy during the day.

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