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Light it up, play with fire.

Reconstructed rainier cherry, jammy blackcurrant, and juicy mandarin are sharpened by top notes of peppercorn. Charred Rose gives PYRO its raw, burnt edges, rounded out by soft peony, rich plum and saffron, and warming nutmeg. Sandalwood, smokey whisky and moss hold the raw, earthen base for those juicy, fiery feelings to rise up from.

Once the flames are extinguished, the human come down is just as paramount as the passion of striking the match.

Rainier Cherry, Mandarin, Peppercorn

Charred Rose, Peony, Saffron, Nutmeg

Sandalwood, Precious Woods, Moss PRODUCT DETAILS
Soy Coconut Wax Blend and Lead-Free 100% Cotton Wick

Estimated 50 hour Burn Time

8 oz / 240 g CANDLE CARE
We recommend trimming the wick to a 1/4 inch, to reduce debris in the candle for a safer burn.
Burn the candle for no more than 4 hours at a time, and cease use when there is 1/2 an inch of wax remaining in the vessel.
Repurpose the vessel by freezing the candle for a few hours, before removing and discarding any remaining wax (this ensures an easy removal). Clean with soap and warm water, and enjoy your new and functional decor (display on a bathroom vanity, or use as a trinket or plant holder). Final Sale