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This Balancing Ayurvedic Collagen Cream is 100% natural, with 46 healing botanicals, 13 nourishing oils, 14 essential oils, and a proprietary blend of collagens and milks, including camel’s. Though Surya’s Collagen Cream is particularly thick, that tacky texture is intentional, helping the cream’s nutrient-rich medicinal properties penetrate deeply to provide the same benefits you would get from an herbal face mask. The cream also acts as a natural skin peel, without the need to remove protective skin layers. Though thick, this cream helps skin breathe. Due to the herbal richness and the absolute adherence to only natural ingredients, top to bottom, expect to experience deep and lasting moisturization, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and even benefits such as skin repair. In fact, as Ayurveda predicts, and as is now reported from many customers, the botanical benefits of this ancient formula can help remove — and in many cases, completely remove — certain skin blemishes, lesions, and unwanted marks. The process has been evidenced anywhere from two weeks to three months. In general, beneficial results from this Balancing Collagen Cream are seen as soon as three days. Use as a rich night cream, or a bit in the morning, as well.

How To Use
Directions: With clean hands, apply a pea-sized dollop to your three middle finger pads. Gently warm the cream by moving it between your fingers. When pliable, pat your three middle fingers all around face. Start on your cheek bones, work your way outward towards your temples, then up towards the forehead, down the nose and side of cheeks, and round the chin and upper lip area.

Let the cream absorb a few minutes, then use gentle circular strokes to massage the cream into your skin so it penetrates deeply. Repeat for neck and décolletage. To receive a maximum and concentrated dose of rejuvenating benefits, use twice daily, in conjunction with Surya Balancing Face Oil. May be used before makeup is applied, once the cream has fully absorbed. A little goes a long way! Perfect For
Moisturizing, Protective, Balancing, Nourishing

Stimulates collagen and elastin production, protects and moisturizes, removes precancerous spots and lesions

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